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Sweet Deception | Shelle RiversSweet Deception | Shelle Rivers

Sweet Deception


Product SKU: Sweet Deception

My enchanting sweet and innocent voice will catch you a little off guard...

Session: 69 minutes
Level: Strong
Category: Mind Control-Conversational-Erotic Hypnosis
Sample: LINK

My enchanting sweet and innocent voice will catch you a little off guard...Sneaky little WICKED Princess...but I try to be a good Girl all the time.  There's just something about My voice that makes men fall for ME.  Maybe you can help Me, so that I will know...I mean after you listen that is.  You can trust Me, I'm a good little Princess.....I won't deceive you.  I only want what's good for you.

Listen to this SEDUCTIVE SESSION and let My words show you how things are meant to be.  You'll see how good I am to you.....but, some say, that I ensnare you--TRAP you...but don't listen to them.  Trust ME!  ***WICKED GIGGLES***

Be careful, and don't fall while you listen to MY little story.***GIGGLES***

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Tuesday, 22 November 2022
This file has got to win some awards. i give it 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ It has got to be the best file i have listen to so far. Okay, i don't know if it is the best, but it is certainly one of them. There are many favorites. i really wish i had know Domina back in 2012 when the file came out. i would have been Hers now for a good 10 years. Damn Domina has the sweetest voice in this. Her voice was so sultry. Her words just took me, like they always do. OMG Domina should have Her new slaves listen to this. It would certainly enslave more. you owe it to yourself to buy this and let Domina take control of you. you will be Hers forever and ever. You will learn your new mantra as well. i love Princess Shelle, i adore Princess Shelle, i live only for Princess Shelle, i give my mind, my soul, my heart to Princess Shelle, i am a helpless slave to Princess Shelle, i will serve Her for ever and ever. i really will be Hers forever and ever.
Saturday, 25 May 2019
I see the sweetest Princess. I hear her angelic voice and just want to be close to Her. I want to fall asleep - is it a trap? Domina puts Her cards on the table. Her confessions about hypnosis sound so innocent. The games she plays with her victims until they cannot pronounce anything but “Yes Domina” seem easy to resist. I keep listening and soon I utter helplessly “Yes Domina” myself. A fun recording – a must have for all erotic hypnosis fans! It can be listened to as a pleasurable fantasy or as a heavy brainwashing file. The choice might not be up to you.
Monday, 03 December 2018
Deceptive, but isn't that what got you in the first place. You know that sweet innocent voice that can lead you almost anywhere. Listen and be taken in before you realize what your Domina is doing. Listen, obey and let go.... A wonderful experience.
Sunday, 06 March 2016
Soft, soothing and gentle. But before you realize what is happening, you will find yourself completely wrapped around her mischievous little fingers.
Sunday, 16 August 2015
This is the best erotic hypnosis. I love how far in I went with this file. I can't get enough of Princess Shelle.
Monday, 13 April 2015
i do not recall everything of this file. It was so relaxing to knock me out. my Domina seducing me with Her sweet voice arousing me with thoughts of Her beautiful body. i love Her so much and i am so happy that i belong to Her completely forever and always. It is not a deception, it is a confirmation of my submission to my beloved Domina Shelle.
Sunday, 05 April 2015
The title and description are very accurate. It's wickedly deceptive, but it feels so good. It's also bit different than most of files as it starts conversationally, but there is just something in Domina's voice that I gradually slipped into trance. And the end, well lets just say I fell into the trap.
Saturday, 04 April 2015
The conversational method used in this file is one of my most favourite. i have never seen it done better either. The way that i was gradually drawn in without any effort on my part and being put under so sneakily only made me feel that Domina had so much more power over me.
Friday, 01 March 2013
Hmmmm yes… Her beauty and an enchanting voice to match that, i put all my trust in Her right away, She cuts through any resistance like a hot glowing knife through warm butter. Like watching an Angel with the voice of a Siren, i totally melted and fell for Her. A trap?? Ohhhh… who cares… i am Hers, She is Divine, and i only want to serve Her and be controlled forever by Princess Shelle.
Thursday, 14 June 2012
Definitely one of Domina's best. There's just something incredibly sexy about the way Princess reassures you that she could NEVER hypnotize you, all the while lulling you into trance. I love Her Trance Deepener induction for the same reason, and both are must haves if you enjoy TTT-style hypnosis.
Saturday, 28 April 2012
Princess is very sweet and you can trust her soft, sweet voice and just relax. She is so caring and sweet and her intentions are pure. She doesn't understand why she is misunderstood by some. Just listen carefully to her story and see if you can help her.
Tuesday, 21 February 2012
Sweet Deception? Trick or Treat? Is Princess Shelle Naughty or Nice? So sweet to look at, so sweet to listen to, so sweet and playful... So very playful in this file, Princess is nice and naughty as She tricks me into the most wonderful treat: further adoration for my Mistress. This is a wonderful session, as very playfully Princess Shelle enslaves me more and more. In joke and play the truths we say... yes. yes. yes. yes...
Sunday, 15 January 2012
This file is a masterpiece of erotic fantasy. (or is it reality?) If you are new to Princess Shelle this ia a good, safe (**giggles**) way to meet Princess Shelle and understand Her personality. Princess Shelle needs your help understanding how She has inadvertantly trapped all of us who have helplessly fallen under Her control. Can you help Her out?
Thursday, 05 January 2012
Princess Shelle has oudone herself again! This awesome file is so perfectly named. Her sweet deception starts by casually chatting to you, about how so many men are weak for Her sexy, seductive voice, and She will draw you in before you know it, to be further under Her spell than ever before, and you know you will love it.
Wednesday, 04 January 2012
Amazing file, very tricky :) before I knew i was very deep in trance. Just the way i know Princess Shelle; sweet, seductive, sensual,sexy and wicked, very wicked :) If you are a regular listener to Princess, this is a MUST HAVE file in my opinion. Great work Princess!
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