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slave Weaverslave Weaver

slave Weaver


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Her spell weakens you, Her voice seduces you...

slave Weaver (64 minutes)

Just imagine a sexy alluring GYPSY...Imagine Her beautiful full breast pulling you into Her control.  Remember the velvety blackness of Her seduction, falling endlessly and mindlessly to your destination.  The spell that She is weaving is one so powerful that no man could ever resist.  She loves control and She already knows what is inside your mind...She has slipped inside long before now.  She knows all, She controls your mind....She will reveal your future.  She has never been wrong...don't try to resist Her, it will only tire you further.  Sooner or later you will be consumed by Her lovely voice and you will be connected to Her...She will take you.  The freedom you once had is taken away by the words that She drips into your brain.

This session is a MIND fucking HYPNOTIC and AROUSING journey.  She can easily WEAVE anyone into what She wants him to be....Her spell weakens you, Her voice seduces you...and the arousal leaves you overwhelmed as you become a part of Her collection.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2020
WOW!! This file is crazy and takes you so deep. There really is no return from it. When you do come back you will forever belong to Domina Shelle. Which is where i forever want to be. Domina Shelle owns me. i belong to Her.
Sunday, 08 December 2019
There are few certainties in life but if you are a listener of sessions created by Domina Shelle you are guaranteed to experience that unforgettable feeling of surrendering yourself to Her authority. The effect is imperceptible in the beginning but session after session you begin to recognise that there is a familiar compulsion to submit to Her, to open yourself more to Her teasing and brainwashing, and before you know it She has you. And the truth is you will want this, crave it, to become enslaved, to know your submission is dependent on Her domination and control. Like any addict the feeling is euphoric and it only grows with time. But unlike most addictions with Domina Shelle it does not ruin your life, it enhances, providing focus on those around you and making you the best version of yourself. The session Slave Weaver reminds me of this because, like magic, Domina beguiles the listener and before you know it you are happily captured in Her web. This is a must have session!
Tuesday, 19 November 2019
I love the gypsy. She owns me. If i were pressed for details I doubt that I could offer a sufficient explanation, but I always adore Domina's Black Magic Woman sessions. They are all stand alone, so you wouldn't lose anything by listening to this first. This session was so sexy and controlling, so assured of Her power that it would be impossible not to fall helplessly. I fell endlessly. I might still be falling, but i am already at Her feet. Where I belong.
Monday, 18 November 2019
The hidden secrets of witchery and gipsy fortunetellers were always a source of pleasurable curiosity overloaded with feelings of fear, danger and erotic excitement for me. Domina perfectly knows how to play with these feelings - and i welcome back the world of colorful jewels, the hourglass, the crystal ball and especially the Abracadabra trigger as Domina leads me into this world during a long induction! When my fortune is told i know my controlled mind and Her words will make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. It feels so good to be under Her spell! Worth every minute!
Thursday, 14 November 2019
Another erotic masterpiece by Domina. Irresistable.
Monday, 11 November 2019
I already know for quite a while that I have fallen under her spell and that my future consists in pleasing and serving my Domina Shelle. She is able to WEAVE me into what She wants me to be for her so easily. My fate is already sealed. I live for Her happiness and to be her helplessly mindless and perfectly obedient slave FOREVER. Yet-- I can never get enough of being consumed by Her lovely voice and the way she keeps reminding me of the TRUTH that I belong to her ONLY. Just like she is doing it with this perfectly IRRESISTIBLE and DEEPLY entrancing Session. I would never resist as She is pulling me into Her control. This is my path and nothing feels like giving in to Domina's magic and to keep falling endlessly and mindlessly to my destination. YES-- It is perfect and I ACCEPT my future and that my destiny is to be Domina's loyal slave for ALL time. I'm proud and I love being a part of her collection.
Monday, 11 November 2019
Absolutely phenomenal! Possibly the deepest I've ever gone for Domina Shelle *heart* She is a true master of erotic hypnotic domination... Domina Shelle owns me; there is no escape...
Sunday, 10 November 2019
Domina Shelle is my future. i belong to Domina Shelle. Deep trance, my mind was so empty. There was nothing but my Domina's voice.
Saturday, 09 November 2019
i have problems to recall most of that very long file as Domina Shelle put me into a very deep trance... though what i recall is that i was trapped by a gypsy hypnotic Domina Shelle in an empty blank white place, where there was only longing for Her, a need to obey Her and to belong to Her ... once more She deepened my enslavement to Her ... always & forever i belong to my beloved Domina Shelle
Saturday, 09 November 2019
In the white room i have no way to escape, i finally realized after many failed attempts. Domina's ownership over me is so strong that it has created my reality. i enjoy being owned by Domina Shelle in my core. i couldn't escape even if i wanted to. i kneel before Domina and cum shamelessly when she commanded. i accepted it's my future to become one of many in Her slave collection when i cum!
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