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Sissy - True you | Shelle RiversSissy - True you | Shelle Rivers

Sissy - True you


Product SKU: Sissy - True you

I’m going to help you fulfill your potential, as My sissy slave...

Sissy - True you (24 minutes):

I have something special in mind for you today... I’m going to help you embrace the inner you, even more.  I want to help you accept who you really are, that special person who you really need to be.
It’s time to let go of the conventions that society at large try to force upon you, and to embrace your true nature.

I want you to be happy with who you are, My sweet, and I’m going to help you fulfill your potential, as My sissy slave...
you are so many delicious things all wrapped up in one sexy pink package.

Do you have a desire to be an elegant lady, who always dresses to impress, displaying her elegant clothing, her perfectly done makeup and her refined manners to all?...Do you dream of being My sissy slut?  I know you do...

It doesn’t matter what you have to hide from the world, you can be free with Me...
That’s what I’m going to help you with, My sweet...
I’m going to take control of everything, so you can just let go and be your real self, while in My presence.

I will help you to embrace your own needs and desires.  This will be so easy for U/us.

Come, My sweet, allow Me to play inside your open mind...
Who knows, maybe I’ll let you play in your panties as a reward!?

Click to download this session now, My sweet, and give in to My guidance, and I’ll help you fulfill your deepest sissy desires and dreams.

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Monday, 06 June 2022
i feel SO very good about myself after listening to this WONDERFUL session with Princess Shelle! ? Princess Shelle is making me into the best version of the sissy that i do desperately want to be for her… There are so many forms and expressions and ways to be that truest self in our varying circumstances and Domina has done such a wonderful job with this session to encourage and help me bring those sissy qualities out in the best and most healthy way for my life and circumstances… Making me feel just AMAZING, like a weight lifted off my shoulders! Domina Shelle and her community of Sissy slaves really is the BEST and i’m always SO very happy to be a part of that community of such good (and naughty) girls! giggles! i can be myself and feel so very accepted ?
Sunday, 05 June 2022
Oh wow. To merely say that this file is amazing and life-changing would be selling it short. i'd go so far to say this file should be mandatory listening for any sissy but especially new ones or any sissy-curious out there. You have never felt so loved, you have never felt so understood, you have never felt so cared for until you experience this session. This world can be a difficult place for those who color outside the lines. This file provides refuge from the storm.
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