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Phantom Seduction | Shelle RiversPhantom Seduction | Shelle Rivers

Phantom Seduction


Product SKU: Phantom Seduction

Feel real LUST and allow Me to UNVEIL your naughty DESIRES.

Session: 32 minutes
Category: Erotic Fantasy

An erotic mind FUCKING Hypnotic fantasy that will bring the strongest man to his knees... Designed to capture your imagination and manipulate your lust.  your own desires will imprison you.  So unzip your pants, RELAX and FALL into a SEXUAL SPIRAL of lust.

My pet, you will drop deeply into my hypnotic dream world.  you will be taken helplessly into a world of pleasure and sacrifice.

She is a Woman created from your own imagination and deep desires.  She seductively slips inside your mind while you are trapped within Her moonlit eyes.  Every whisper from Her lips penetrating deeper at your weakening resolve.  She has ensnared your arousal and you have no idea if She is even real.  Maybe She is?  Perhaps not?  Yet the yearnings your feel are undeniable.  Her mesmerizing lips have placed a spell on your mind.  The sexual power She commands is working deeper and deeper into your subconscious.  Helpless, submissive....Now that She has you, you need to surrender to please Her...She will not let you go.  She has finally caught Her prey... YOU!

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Saturday, 02 July 2022
Thrilling and sexy ghost story. So vivid, felt like i was right there on that room. Sleeping, dreaming of Her and then waking up.
Monday, 14 March 2016
Wow there was quite a difference between this Erotic Fantasy and all the other Files i listened to lately, i was a bit lost at the beginning and as soon as i entered the house i was completly c and as soon as i looked at them i don´t wanted to get up anymore, even if this where not the same Picture that i searched for at my wall, it still was more then enough to not want to go anywhere, there might be a big difference between her telling a Story or actually Brainwashing you, but the ending is the same, falling deeper under her control ^-^
Sunday, 21 February 2016
This erotic and entrancing story was very captivating to experience for me, almost like being immersed into a really good book but with all the extra wonderful feelings that only Domina's voice could bring. The quality of it is clear, with an enticing tale and great production, that along with Domina's power all added to a deep trance feeling of being completely transported there. And it gets very sensual. It felt so real and so good.
Friday, 19 February 2016
can't resist falling deep, sexy and erotic explosion Just listen to the best story teller on earth :)
Friday, 19 February 2016
An erotic fantasy wonderfully told by my beloved Domina Shelle about a mysterious woman bringing a man to heights of pleasure as She is getting what She want from him. Dominas voice took me into a deep trance though some audio effects in the file are so real i thought someone was inside my room ...giggles... gladly Domina took me deep down again. i love this story.
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