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Loctober 2022 Week-II - Chastity Pleasures | Shelle RiversLoctober 2022 Week-II - Chastity Pleasures | Shelle Rivers

Loctober 2022 Week-II - Chastity Pleasures


Product SKU: Loctober 2022 Week-II - Chastity Pleasures

Locked down only for one week and you're weaker for Me...

Loctober 2022 Week-II - Chastity Pleasures (39 minutes):

Hello, My sweet, are you all wound up thinking about Me after just one week of abstinence and sexual conditioning?  I do love My slaves horny, aroused, and all locked-up as they beCUM increasingly obsessed with pleasing Me. (giggles)  you do want to please your Domina don't you, My pet?

Ahh, I know you do, it's not just because you are My loyal servant, it's because I'm in full control now.  Imagine it, My hands are between your legs mere inches from your swollen sex, and I'm moist with excitement witnessing your passionate lust for My domination and control.  This is a moment of TRUTH, the realization that I can c*m at any time if I so choose while you will remain locked in mental Chastity, unable to even touch yourself, without My explicit permission!

Hmm, I do so love this intimate power exchange that Chastity offers U/us, you hot with desire as you surrender and obey Me without thought or question.  It is incredibly sexy when you accept you have relinquished the right to make decisions, knowing that as I systematically weaken your will, the more open you are to My wicked thoughts slipping ever deeper into your corruptible mind.

Yes, I'm in your Absolute Authority and it's time for Me to take you deeper still into My web of control, Me, indoctrinating you to submit to My domination of your sex, and you, hot, wet, hard, horny and submissive, blindly following where ever I choose to lead.  So, open your mind to the endless possibilities of Chastity, My horny love slave, and allow the words Love, Honor and Obey to invoke feelings of deep submission, and adoration, as you listen and learn how best to please your beloved Domina Shelle.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you participated in the 2021 LOCTOBER you should already have this session.  Nothing has changed within the audio.  But, if your fingers accidently slip and you purchase the session again, well, let's just say THANK you for the TRIBUTE. Giggles!!!

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Tuesday, 18 October 2022
On the second week Domina amps up the teasing as i'm feeling weaker and weaker. Eagerly waiting any options to please my Domina.
Tuesday, 11 October 2022
The first week was all about perseverance and strict abstinence. And as a reward, there is finally the long-awaited touch - just a little - just a small reminder of the joys Domina now has under Her control. I hunger for more and I know for sure that Domina will use every bit of excitement and the smallest desire to further subjugate my will to Hers! - by the end of the week I'll be ready for anything!
Monday, 10 October 2022
Wow what a wonderful session. That was one deep trance. Domina makes so much sense out of being chaste. Chastity is good for me. Obeying Domina is deep pleasure. i want to prove to Domina that i want to obey. i want to be in chastity because Domina wants me in chastity. i want to be in chastity because being in chastity makes me so happy. Chastity is good for me. Obedience is good for me and makes me happy. Obedience makes me happy because it makes Domina happy. i love being chaste, because being chaste is being happy. It all make so much sense to me. i loved listening to Domina explain it all. i can't wait to listen to this again and hear Domina's sweet voice explain it all over again while She tells me to stroke and edge. I love being in chastity for Domina Shelle, it makes me so happy and obedient for my Domina.
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