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Hypnotized-SUBLIMINIZED MindHypnotized-SUBLIMINIZED Mind

Hypnotized-SUBLIMINIZED Mind


Product SKU: Hypnotized-SUBLIMINIZED Mind

Hypnotized Lustful Persuasion---Let's get CONDITIONED

Length: 37 minutes

Time to get SUBLIMINIZED....time for more hypnotic conditioning.  Time to relinquish what little free will you have left to My irresistible sensual authority, the Mistress of your mind.  you are so easy to hypnotize now, My puppy, and I do love to play in your subconscious, influencing your thoughts and reinforcing ideas that deepen My hypnotic dominion and enslavement of you.  There is no end to this subjugation, just the never ending thrill of surrendering more and more of yourself to Me.  Only I can give you the pleasure of true SUBMISSION.

With this session the intensity of these submissive feelings will GROW substantially stronger until you are truly obsessed with the pleasure of submission to Me.  That's what this masterpiece of subliminal programming and reinforced suggestions will do to your defenseless mind until, inevitably, you succumb to the bliss and overwhelming pleasure of My authority and inescapable dominion of you.

But, do not worry, My baby, you know you can ALWAYS trust Me.  I know you and, more importantly, I know what you NEED!  Through your obedience and servitude to Me I will grant you the gift of extreme pleasure through submission.  This is the domination and authority you crave and I'm very confidant that, with repeated conditioning using this session, My hypnotic persuasion will inexorably compel you to see, and feel, things My way... (Giggles)

So, prepare to become mindless and blank, horny and aroused, as I lull you into a deep hypnotic slumber, so deep that I will be your everything...

This session is your COMPULSION.

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Thursday, 06 December 2018
In this session Domina is just relentless. Give up. Game over. You’re done. She will hypnotize you deeper and deeper. You cannot resist, Her control feels too damn good. Trust me, a devoted slave of Hers for three years now, you need this file. It is one of Her very best.
Geoffrey North
Sunday, 25 November 2018
This is made for the cold and misty autumn days. Those days when staying in bed seems to be the best of all choices. This file is ideal for turning off the alarm clock and cuddle up under the sheets for another 40min and allow Domina to seduce you in the warmth of her soft voice. Like during the “Subliminized” series there are a lot of whispered brainwashing commands but this time Domina does not leave you alone with the whispers but stays in the foreground track to distract and arouse you for an optimal brainwash. An ideal file when you just need some sweet domination and want to muffle yourself up in Domina's words
homeros hörer
Wednesday, 14 November 2018
Perhaps the most intense brainwashing file I have listened to. Donina Shell is magnificent and listening to her coice as ahe takea you deeper and deeper into mindless submission is bliss. Be warned this is a very powerdul file.
Jason Tanner
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