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Hocus Pocus | Shelle RiversHocus Pocus | Shelle Rivers

Hocus Pocus


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I am a POWERFUL dominant woman that uses magical words to seduce vulnerable submissives...

Hocus Pocus (49 minutes):

With such a title, I bet you are asking yourself, what is My Witchy Wicked Domina up to now?  Well, I am going to give you one very sexy hint, "A Mystical Magical COLLAR".  A collar of manifestation and a little HOCUS POCUS. Giggles

I'll use My slippery magical words, and a little "Hocus Pocus", to weave an even stronger web inside your open and suggestible mind.  I am a POWERFUL dominant woman that uses magical words to seduce vulnerable submissives, just like you, into My world of erotic fantasy hypnosis and sexual surrender.  A world where I cast words into your brain, leaving you spellbound, helpless and with NO way out.

Yes, Hocus Pocus is designed to beguile your mind, misdirecting your conscious thoughts so that I can disguise My true wicked intentions.  But, don't worry, My pet, you trust Me now and know you will allow Me to enter your mind again to do what is best for you.  After all, this is how I gain more and more control over you, and in return you have the satisfaction of submitting to the one you adore more everyday.  It's so cute, and exhilarating for both of U/us, that you let Me do whatever I want with your mind.

Listen now and be Hypnotically Enchanted...

Note:  This mp3 session, although playful, is VERY POWERFUL and DANGEROUSLY effective.  Never underestimate the motivations and malevolence of hypnotizing Domina, your fate is in My hands when you enter My world!

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Friday, 03 June 2022
If you have any doubts about whether Domina Shelle can weave magic with Her words, this session can help dispel them all!  Her softly spoken words will weave their way inside, any open and malleable mind, and make Her magic work, and the effects will last eternally.  If you have any doubts about whether to actually surrender to Her, don't be afraid to approach Her, allow Her to assure and reassure you, allow Her bewitching words to work their magic, first in text, or in a call, and then just accept your fate and fall...  This session is truly sublime for any submissive mind, in my opinion, and if You don't already belong to Domina, you'll probably find yourself firstly asking why you don't, and then you'll want to play this again and again until you do.  This truly is a pure pleasure trip, and She will cast a spell on you, and make you Hers.  Don't be afraid, She doesn't bite, or at least not until you beg Her to...  
Sunday, 16 August 2020
A truly magical experience and the way Domina’s suggestions will leave you only wanting more just adds to the fact that we belong to her forever. Definitely a file to listen to over and over.
Friday, 26 June 2020
This file is utter bliss. Domina is so talented at ensnaring our lives. Everyone must download this file, and they will fill the overwhelming, blissful power and ecstasy of Domina's control. She expertly pulls the listener down into deep hypnosis, and Her imagery she uses in the file is amazing and helps deepen the trance. After this file ends, the listener will be supercharged to obey Her suggestions and to serve Domina Shelle. slave went so deep into Her hypnosis on this file -- highly recommend this file!
Sunday, 21 June 2020
I cannot give you details about this session, because I cannot talk about what I do not fully remember. But I can give you some words of warning based on what I feel since I woke up. Think carefully about what you may be embarking on if you listen to this session. Everything SHE has made you feel will be amplified to levels that you will not be able to distinguish the limits between hysteria and euphoria. And, at least, from my part, I'm afraid no one doesn't have the slightest chance of going back to the past. It is pretty simple: after you wake up, you will be more and more compelled to be her slave, forever, and you will be entirely at HER mercy without any chance for thinking, much less of doubt. That said, I declare myself as an absolute slave of Domina, forever, and I do not say "my Domina", because it is unnecessary; it is implicit: there is only one, and only one in this world, Shelle Rivers.
Monday, 15 June 2020
This may be the most mesmerizing session that sneaks up on you that I have ever listened to, Domina never ceases to amaze. Hocus Pocus is something that any slave or anybody newer to Domina’s work should listen to. Falling for her is like breathing for me but I would imagine no one would make it through without getting lost at some point. Domina is putting together some sessions that are all working together, I can’t wait to see how she follows this up. For now I will continue to enjoy this work of art.
Monday, 15 June 2020
Uhh, i liked this. So captivating and mesmerizing. There is no resisting Domina Shelle's magic. She's too powerful for weak minded male like myself.
Sunday, 14 June 2020
To say this file is magical is putting it mildly. Domina Shelle keeps getting better and better. This is a very enjoyable and effective file. i can still feel the collar around my neck, and i love it.
Sunday, 14 June 2020
If I had ever any doubt of the power of my Domina it's is g Thank you Domina
Saturday, 13 June 2020
Dominas powerful hocus pocus overtook my mind and changed me forever... Dominas powerful erotic magic imbued permanently around my neck... This unbreakable cycle of arousal and servitude is an obedient slaves dream cum true... Thank you Domina! *heart*
Saturday, 13 June 2020
Once upon a time I thought I could listen to Domina's files and not be brainwashed into mindless obedience. Somehow I thought I could dabble with the fantasy, enjoy the growing pulsating pleasure of Domina's voice without succumbing to the cycle of addiction and desire. How foolish I was - now I am under Domina's spell ensorcelled by her voice and imagination. There is no escape, no choices now but spiralling deeper down under Domina's control.
Saturday, 13 June 2020
Sublime! Whether you have accepted your fate and are already enslaved by Domina Shelle, or whether you are still exploring Her power, this file is a must. i am at the stage where one word from my Domina and i drop into my happy place, so there are huge gaps in my recollection, but i feel more owned, more enslaved and more certain than ever that being Domina’s slave is the only thing i want. Another masterpiece from the only true Domina!
Saturday, 13 June 2020
right now after trance i feel wonderful... with that loving hugged feeling around my neck, knowing i belong to my Owner, Domina Shelle always & forever. i a mesmerizing session She did take me deep to cast further spells on me as She was using already embedded triggers inside of me to let any possible resistance fall away and create a sooo blissfull experience to submit completely to Her.
Friday, 12 June 2020
This one is dangerous in the absolute best way. I would not call this session a remaster or even a re-imagining of any previous sessions, but it does utilise concepts from several popular and diverse earlier sessions. Every one of these concepts has been honed to razor sharpness and employed with the accuracy of a sniper. You WILL fall and you WILL love it. Every element used in Hocus Pocus is brilliant and i enjoyed this session so much that it is difficult to put into words. Simply wonderful.
Friday, 12 June 2020
How does she do it? How is it every file is so much more entrancing. Every time I fall deeper and deeper for Domina. Every time I am owned more and more. After this I am so much more enthralled with her. I love her more and more. I love being owned by Domina Shelle. She is my everything, forever and ever I am hers. Thank you Domina.
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