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Findom Sacrifice Assignment | Shelle RiversFindom Sacrifice Assignment | Shelle Rivers

Findom Sacrifice Assignment


Product SKU: Findom Sacrifice Assignment

you work hard to sacrifice for your Domina.

your primary identity is now as My financial slave.  There is nothing more arousing than to serve, obey and pay, sending Me tributes and gifts.

you crave My attention and approval and work hard to sacrifice for your Domina.

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Saturday, 28 May 2022
I have strived to belong to Domina Shelle in any way and every way possible. I never had any interest in findom, but for Domina Shelle who is the actual owner of everything i supposedly own. i must surrender anything and everything She demands. I know She would never do it, but if my Domina told me to send Her everything in my possession and in my bank account and that i should go live in a carb board box, i wouldnt hesitate to do so. She is everything and everything belongs to Her
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