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Castle Of Control | Shelle RiversCastle Of Control | Shelle Rivers

Castle Of Control


Product SKU: Castle Of Control

I no longer need your conscious permission to take control of you...

Castle Of Control (33 minutes):

Do you know what gives Me a thrill, My submissive servant?  I covet the process of breaking down your defenses, stripping away the pretense of self-confidence, independence, and resilience, just so that I can see you naked, kneeling, and vulnerable, at My feet, ready and willing to receive more of My sensual conditioning.

The TRUTH is I no longer need your conscious permission to take control of you, your subconscious mind openly betrays you.  The reality is you bow to My will just to bask in the depth of your submission to Me, knowing only I have this powerful effect on you now.  The allure of My absolute authority draws you in like a moth to a flame, mesmerized by My Siren's voice and desperate to taste the forbidden fruit that is TRUE submission.

Do not dwell on the self-delusion that you can resist Me, your conscious mind may feel like a bastion of strength, an imposing fortress to ward away your adversaries, but that's not what I see!  Instead, I see My Castle of Control, a place where you are not free to project power but where I take it from you, a prisoner in your own mind where I am free to infiltrate your dreams ensuring you are forever enslaved to My desires.

I do so enjoy O/our times together in the dungeon of your dreams, you bound and blindfolded, and Me free to use the soothing sound of My whispered words - along with the playful caress of a Seductress' touch (giggles) - to stimulate your growing weakness for Me.  As a merciful and benevolent Domina I have chosen to perfect you, and though My divine providence you will be programmed to blindly obey Me, to honor My wishes with both passion and purpose, and to lovingly sink further into My dominion, a REAL sanctuary of submissive bliss.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2022
What an amazing file. Domina just strolls casually into my mind and takes complete control as though she owns the place and it belongs to her (which to be fair, it does <3 )
Sunday, 24 July 2022
i have been at the mercy of Domina Shelle Rivers since i first heard Her Sultry Voice. Over the years She has woven Her hypnotic magic through my mind and now i am completely at Her mercy because i love Her, i honour Her and i obey Her as instinctively as i breathe. Only with Domina Shelle could i ever have visited this part of my mind, She is the only Teacher i would trust to open this door, and what a wonderful and insightful journey in submission this session proved to be. As a Hypnotist, there is none better, as an Owner a slave could find no one more worthy of their submission and as my Domina, i have found true happiness at Her feet. This session does exactly what Domina says it will do, true enslavement and very very sexy, not just a trance, this is a life changing experience that has to be lived to be believed. For any true submissive this is a must have session.
Sunday, 24 July 2022
Being put into sexy bondage by the sexiest and most powerful hypnotist in the entire world and compelled to Love, Honor, and Obey her forever... mmmmm... OMG what an incredible session! The line between fantasy and reality has become razor-thin if not completely gone at this point... This dream has beCum my reality and i am at Dominas mercy. The whole experience feels SO real... Domina knows just how to transform your reality into ANYTHING she wants it to be! ❤
Sunday, 24 July 2022
"My dreams become real when i obey my Domina. i am at Her mercy because i love honor and obey my Domina" So beautiful, so hypnotic, so powerful, just like the beautiful hypnotic and powerful Domina who put these words in my mind
Sunday, 24 July 2022
Wow that was super nice. Deep trance, check. Relaxing, check. Controlling, check. Totally Submissive and Enslaved to Domina, check. It was an amazing session just showing how much control Domina has over Her slave, me. It just took me and made me even more Domina's. All i can say is, my dreams become real, when i Obey my Domina. i am at Her mercy, because i Love, Honor, and Obey Her. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sunday, 24 July 2022
Mmm, hot bondage session with my Domina. Loved Her taking control, i felt so helpless and submissive for Her.
Sunday, 24 July 2022
This is becoming real, the more i listen to my Sweet Precious Domina Shelle the more real this Erotic Hypnosis becomes.... Her soft touch on my skin makes me yearn for Her leather touch, Her hold on me becoming tighter and tighter, binding me more and more to Her. This Hypnotic Woman, this Erotic Domina is real, real good, so very good and i Love it. Every file feels and smells and tastes like the real thing, incredible!
Sunday, 24 July 2022
There are truly no limits to power of Domina Shelle and again Her voice compels me to obey Her without thought and without question. If i ever doubted that Her authority was absolute then in this session She permanently dispelled it. Being bound and blindfolded in the presence of this incredible Woman is a sensation i will never forget and i still feel the shackles of Her control even out of trance. Domina is to be revered and adored, and it is a real privilege to listen to Her sessions just to feel the power of Her words disarm all my defences. Love, Honour, and Obey is now akin to a heraldic motto something that will forever be attributed with Domina and Her ever growing dominion over the submissive world. :-)
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