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Become a Prisoner of The Magician

Prisoner Of The Magician

I am so refreshed from My trip to the beach. Did you miss Me? Thanks for your support for My beach getaway. you love taking care of Me, don’t you? And now, My puppy, I am back to spark your imagination with fantasies and adventures that take you with Me on another erotic journey away from all your troubles and worries. W/we are making new memories in all those arousing places in your mind. Literally, put yourself in My Magical hands. Relax, surrender yourself to My voice weaving its hypnotic magic.

My spell of enslavement will bind and take hold of you in this week’s Prisoner of The Magician and secure you to Me, forever. Have you noticed that you are thinking of Me all the time now? It’s no accident. ~giggles~ My sessions are conditioning and training you. I can seduce you with My beauty and bewitch your malleable mind with My whispered words. My soft, sweet, sexy voice melts your mind. I could turn you into a mindless sex slave, using your arousal to take permanent control. I can do pretty much whatever I want with you, My submissive subject. There is no turning back. Choice is an illusion.

I’ll leave the details to unfold as you download and listen three times. Then at the very height of sexual pleasure (for chastity- in the bliss of obedient denial) I close the circle completely around you as you beg Me to own and control your life. Feel the Ecstasy! KNOW that it’s real.


Hypno Clinical Trials - REGISTRATION

I am having some clinical trials next week, so I am calling on all guinea pigs & lab rats to REGISTER for My Hypno Clinical Trials, so I know who will be participating to test My clinical hypnotherapeutic approach to your mind. Then, I can email your trial results and My conclusions.

I want to thank all My VOLUNTEERS for your thoughtful support to My various expenses. I always want you to enjoy sending your contributions by SURRENDERING C. APPLY if you want to become My VOLUNTEER.

FinDom slave, are you waiting patiently for Me?


Next week, I have a unique clinical hypnotherapeutic “trial” for your subconscious mind. Prior registration is required, starting this weekend, so I can share the results and My evaluation with you.

My special deals:

Sexual Exploitation --
What sane man hasn’t fantasized about being sexually exploited by a sexy, beautiful Dominant Woman?

Calibration --
Get CALIBRATED in this sexually tormenting masterpiece.

New Releases

connect with me

Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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