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Programmed IV - Punishment

One of the reasons W/we have prolonged Chastity in Loctober is for all My followers to feel how powerful and motivating your need is to please, serve and OBEY Me. It is stronger than the secondary desire for immediate gratification. Chastity has the capability to amplify your growing addiction to pleasing Me and the power to HARDEN your dedication to being singularly focused on My happiness. I am conditioning you to experience the ultimate submissive bliss, the sensual overload and the erotic pleasure of complete obedience and discover the inescapable Truth that My complete domination and control of your sex is very REAL and what you crave.

With THIS WEEK’S New session Programmed - Punishment, I am adding a new dimension to LOCKDOWN to reinforce what W/we both want. As you listen over and over again, it is conditioning you to put your obedience to Me as your first priority. My puppy, you have done so well to Love, Honor and Obey only Me, but on occasion you may slip and give into your urges over My wishes. Now, any resistance to My programming will only make you weaker for Me and have you accept as natural My punishment as a training tool to obey Me even more. When you disappoint Me, the fear of punishment will be the added incentive to want to do more to please Me and meet My expectations of you.

Loctober 2022 Week-IV - Chastity Tease

With the Loctober WeeK IV - Chastity Tease you will be mentally encased as I mind f*uck you with My Tease and Denial. It’s really a lot of fun to play with you, My sex toy, and tease you into abdicating all rights to your sex and ride wave after wave of submissive bliss that only I can give you. Having you hard and HORNY, overwhelmed with EROTIC desires for Me makes Me wet with the power I have over you.
Down-LOAD Week IV Assignments HERE! -- Chastity Assignment & Sissy Chastity Assignment.

I know that sexual release is something that you are craving with the vivid sexual images you hear My voice describing for you. But even more, you accept being locked away, chaste and completely controlled because that’s what I want, My slave. your need to Please and obey is becoming overwhelming as you listen to these sessions daily. There is nothing better than a slave who is desperate to serve your Mistress. And as you get ready for your RELEASE from chastity you will focus on pleasing ME with your servitude to help care for My needs and well being and make My life easier and happy. So W/we have used Chastity to keep O/our Dom-sub Relationship in perfect balance.


Remember, even if you are not in Loctober LOCKDOWN, this week’s NEW session stands on its own as a very effective programming file so download it.

For those who are in LOCKDOWN, I MAY send a special HOT orgasm release session at the end of Loctober to consummate O/our relationship!

Don’t forget your JOURNAL entries and your other Assignment instructions.


HALLOWEEN is next Monday. I MAY have a sexy-Bite session. Also, I will have My Special Halloween deals to pick up any of the sessions you don’t already have. I’m so good at Tricks and Treats.

This week, here are My special deals ~~~

Programmed III - No Limits

Welcome to WEEK III. you should realize by now, My puppy, that Loctober LOCKDOWN is all about O/our relationship... and about how I use Chastity to help define this relationship as Domina to slave and slave to its Domina. Being useful, with the many sacrifices you make to PLEASE Me, truly strengthens O/our bond and intensifies O/our emotional connection so you will experience true bliss.

This week’s NEW RELEASE, Programmed III - No Limits is a perfect MindFuck and it works so well with WEEK III of LOCKDOWN. With My continued brainwashing and re-programming I make sure there are no limits that get in the way, only more obedience and more submission to Me. Mental Chastity is a safe sustainable way for My devoted slave to integrate Me PERMANENTLY into your life and accept that it is My pleasure that matters. you live a selfless, fulfilling life dedicated to your Domina and that brings you everything you need… purpose and true happiness.

Loctober 2022 Week-III - Extreme Dissociation

With the Loctober Week III - Dissociation assignment, you will become My useful lab rat. I am using a somewhat experimental hypnotic technique associated with Dissociation theory which causes a person to split his consciousness to simply and easily Obey. As I control your subconscious mind and will, I now am taking control of your body, your physical self.

FREE DOWNLOAD: If you have the Week 3 2021 Loctober audio session, download the updated Assignment for 2022 WEEK III here: Chastity Assignment & Sissy Chastity Assignment.

you trust Me to surrender all control of your sex COMPLETELY to My commanding instructions. Under My control, I am helping you, like a puppet on My string. This unique pleasure of being obedient and controlled in Chastity becomes so easy when you just do what you’re told. With CHASTITY, everyday you have the submissive pleasure of following all my instructions and being more useful to Me​. I am always in your mind, always pulling your strings, showing you how you can be so aroused and at the same time, completely satisfied being Chaste for Me.

DO NOT miss this NEW session. It’s so easy for Me to PROGRAM your li'l brain when you are so HORNY. you need Me to Dominate you, to take away your ability and desire to cum at all. you will be more and more submissive and loyal to Me as each day passes. Then, W/we consummate O/our relationship with an incredible mutual experience next week when I allow you to orgasm for Me and My pleasure.


Again, even if you are not in Loctober LOCKDOWN, this week’s session stands on its own as a very effective hypnotic Session so download it...

My contracted, there is a new SFS slave story…go to SFS now…Plus a GIFT will be in your mailbox SOON... " most intimate desires are to please and serve Domina in all ways before my own, never cumming until i have Her permission...”


WEEK-IV Loctober LOCKDOWN is for your complete submission...and a New session you’ll just have to wait for!!

My special deals for Week-III ---

Programmed II - A Demanding Domina

First of all get PROGRAMMED while in CHASTITY! My part two of the MIND PROGRAMMING Series...Programmed II - A Demanding Domina. Go NOW and download. It's very easy to be MIND F8CKED while LOCKED DOWN.

My submissive puppy, one month a year, Loctober, should be dedicated to have you experience Chastity for Me. I do it because a truely devoted Chastity slave gets tremendous pleasure and satisfaction serving Me with his orgasm denial. But Chastity can be very pleasurable and arousing even for an everyday stroke addict.~giggles~ W/we will be working together to make these periods of being chaste an important part of your service to Me, a way of expressing your love and dedication to Pleasing your Domina. And in return you earn My affection and approval.

Loctober 2022 Week-II

With LOCTOBER - Week II Chastity Pleasures I want all My followers to focus on the many pleasures of abstinence and sacrificing for Me. Enjoy the important role chastity has in O/our D/s relationship. Think of your most vivid fantasy involving your Domina and now think of being obedient and chaste, because that’s what I WANT. Then see how that intensifies your emotional connection to Me. Isn’t pleasing Me most important to you? It’s also going to be such an erotic experience when I start winding up My little sex toy.

FREE DOWNLOAD: If you have the Week 2 2021 Loctober audio session, download the updated Assignment for WEEK 2 here: Chastity Assignment & Sissy Chastity Assignment.

In LOCKDOWN I’m training you to delay your sexual gratification and you are doing it for Me. you are learning to replace your “need/preoccupation/habit” for immediate sexual gratification with something more substantial, more desirable, more satisfying, more rewarding and ultimately so much more pleasurable and exciting which is OBEDIENCE to your Domina. If I want you to feel more excited and aroused you’ll feel shivers of pleasure coursing through your body. The more aroused you become, the more obedient you will be. If I want you helpless, that’s what you are, controlled, captive, powerless and weak for Me. If I want you to delay orgasmic gratification, you embrace it because you Obey and patiently wait for My permission because you are now craving to Please Me.

The greatest pleasure you experience is Pleasing Me with your Obedience. Isn’t it, My sex toy? This is the wonderful cycle of chastity, pet. Under MY control, I allow you, My submissive, to beg for My permission. Now that’s an explosive orgasm worth waiting for.

BE WARNED! I make it too exciting, so be sure to follow your Assignment instructions about when you are allowed to Edge when you listen to this session. A motivated slave who is aroused and obedient, who saves it all up for ME is so happy doing even more for Me when you crave to please your Domina. Perfect! This IS going to be exciting.

This session stands on its own, try it even if you are not in LOCKDOWN.
There will CONTINUE to be brand new sessions each week as usual. The new sessions are NOT part of the Loctober Assignment package.


If you didn’t SIGN UP, you have permission to purchase and listen to this week’s session. It’s quite sexy. Start in with this week’s Assignment.

Remember to choose the WEEK-II Assignment option that fits you. Also, remember your Journal entries for this week to be sent at the end of LOCKDOWN.

My new Photos are too HOT for Loctober so I’ll save them as a reward at the completion of LOCKDOWN.

NEXT WEEK The chaste tingling will continue. I’m taking you back into My laboratory to experiment with a special hypnosis technique.

My special deals for Week II ...

Loctober 2022 - Sign Up

Welcome to LOCTOBER Week I - The Keyholder. you know how much I love LOCKING you up and wearing the key between My sexy breast...and I know you love it too. It’s so exciting when I control your need to submit and Obey. I can turn up the heat keeping you mentally and physically on edge without you even touching yourself. It makes you so desperate to please Me, promising yourself you will do ANYTHING for Me. I love it when you’re HORNY and DESPERATE to PLEASE Me.

I have decided to use the LOCTOBER four-week Chastity session package from 2021. It was so amazing and I’m not sure how much it could be improved. My sweet baby, if you participated in LocTober 2021 you have this session already...But, if your fingers slip and you purchase it again, I’ll accept the sweet tribute. Giggles!!! TEASE and DENIAL comes with a PRICE.

EVERYONE participating this year MUST SIGN UP. Loctober will include teasers throughout the month and the initial Pre-Chastity DRAINED session to download and listen to before you’re LOCKED DOWN on October 2nd.

If you are new to LOCTOBER and want to experience the many possibilities of erotic submission to your Domina, of course, SIGN UP. Then you must go to NEW RELEASES and get the Week I Loctober Session.

FREE DOWNLOAD: If you have the Week 1 2021 Loctober audio session, download the updated Assignment for WEEK 1 here: Chastity Assignment & Sissy Chastity Assignment.

When I place you in Chastity you are pursuing your Destiny to a life of obedience and service to your Domina Shelle. Strict Chastity brings your deepest submissive feelings to the surface as you OBEY My every command. Every true submissive has learned to crave Chastity, when I want it. This first week of strict obedience is the perfect time to teach you the many pleasures of Chastity when 100% of your attention and focus is on your Domina. you surrender and obey automatically, to My instructions and control without thought or question because you trust Me, Blindly, to know what you need to be better for Me. Remember I own you, Pet.

I am more than your addiction and obsession. In Chastity you will have My attention full time. you Love Honor and OBEY Me. That’s why you do all you can to win My affection and approval. Serving Me is the best thing that has happened to you.

Don’t worry, If for any reason you can’t or choose not to join in on LocTober, there will be a new MIND FUCK session weekly. you will not be disappointed.

For My gurls, of course you have My sissy Assignment.


you will begin LOCKDOWN this Sunday the 2nd, but it’s more important that you start when it works best for your schedule (make it work for you). The Week 1 ASSIGNMENT- Supervised Obedience will explain how you can do it to fit your schedule.

Besides today’s LocTober WEEK 1 Keyholder session, with the ASSIGNMENT there are additional sessions to listen to throughout the week. I expect you have most of the files, but any you don’t have will be in My Special Deals each week. you decide which file to listen to and on which day. It is up to you. Spend as much time listening to Me during the week as you can. This is a real mental, physical and emotional experience. you’ll be all MINE for weeks at a time. Yummy! The assignment will LEAD you DAILY. I promise it’s NOT complicated!

NEXT WEEK is Week 2. Oh those Chastity pleasures and maybe a little teaser. Plus coming soon, My new sexy picture pack will tease you to the very edge.

My special deals have the additional sessions for your Chastity Assignment.

Blind Trust

My helpless puppy, let Me take control once again. I have a very helpful session for you this week. It will make everything so much easier and open up to you the life you are destined to live as My loyal and devoted servant. In Blind Trust My hypnotic voice will be your trigger. When you trust Me completely, you know I will always look out for what is best for you, even when I create the element of FEAR. Trust and fear are so arousing. Believe Me, this builds that lasting bond you are longing for and I make it so exciting!

I will teach you to have absolute confidence that I know what you want and need. your true self is a person of commitment and sacrifice, a person of loyalty and devotion. I know those fine qualities you have, My sweet slave. The truth is you are lost without Me. you have already discovered that your true happiness is the time you spend serving My needs and every whim.

you trust Me, don’t you, pet? you will listen because it excites you when you don’t know what I am going to do to you. But I want you to enjoy the gratification and pleasure of giving to Me everything I want and desire. you sacrifice for Me. What makes you happy is making what Domina wants your top priority. So, you will Cum for Me, My baby, and build Absolute Trust so you will never have to worry about disappointing your Domina. And I will always be happy with you.


Summer is over. Welcome Fall, My Chastity slave with LOCTOBER. I will have a SIGN-UP next week, if you are going to be participating. I will give you all the details next week. ONLY those who sign up will receive FREE teasers and other goodies.

In a couple of weeks there will be a new sexy Picture Pack for your visual pleasure, My baby.



check My special deals:

The Unethical Therapist - Purple Pill --
Unethical, HYPNOTIC, wicked and MANIPULATING...

Neural Reorientation --
A very SEXY 3 day Assignment, picture surprises and a 14 Minute BRAINWASHING LOOP.

Dark Room - Warped Mind --
Twisting your reality until your warped mind slides ever deeper into My dominion...

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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