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Thought Eradication

My baby, are you ready for some more controlling Hypnotic programming? Of course you are. I have wired you this way. you will never get enough of My MIND-FUCKING BRAINWASHING and PROGRAMMING. So, you will get into a comfortable and relaxed place. Give Me your tension, your worries and enjoy the pleasure of falling deep for Me.
It’s easy and NATURAL that you LOVE to drift into a blissful state of trance. Just floating away on My words. your thoughts COMPLETLY eradicated. Being BLANK and MINDLESS for ME is your DESIRE.

Imagine your very ability to think being slowly taken away. No need to explain, now, all the mechanics of how My Bubbles Of Thought Eradication actually work to make you weak, thoughtless, blank and mindless, receptive to all MY thoughts. You will simply listen and accept all that I do to you now.

I can see by the way you are smiling right now, that you already accept that you MUST listen. My sweet pet, let’s proceed. Obey and download for your Treatments, now.


I want to thank those that contributed to CHALLENGE the other week. I am sending what you sent as a contribution to CARE for Ukraine emergency relief.
Let’s hope this violence ends soon. PS. We are so fortunate to have each other!

In a few weeks I have to do tax returns for 2021. In the past you have helped Me with the lump sum payment I make for My retirement fund. So, for the next couple of weeks any contributions to Challenge To Please will go to fund O/our future together.

Findom slave, you will be hearing from Me in your email very soon. I have big plans for you to begin your arousing journey into paradise and ultimate Ownership. In the future be careful what you wish for...GIGGLES


I’ve decided that I will use the first week of each month to concentrate My training on the Mind Programming and Conditioning of My contracted slaves, who make all of this possible. I will also have a NEW Playground Surrender for everyone so I can play with you. It’s SPRING...Let’s get NAUGHTY on My Playground...

This week’s special deals:

Love Honor Obey --
you crave to be dominated by Me, to be completely powerless in My presence...

Hypnotic Vibrations --
the VIBRATIONS send waves of pleasure up your spine and into your brain...

Hypnotic Vibrations - Sissy --
Listen NOW as I slip into your sissy panties...

The Eraser --
Mind sucking erotic brainwashing.

Mind Gag

With a relaxing induction taking you deeper and deeper, let My voice wash away your tension and resistance. My pet, are you ready to submit to My training? Are you hungry for My control? I have someplace special I want to take you this week... to My private dungeon that I created deep within your mind for Mind Gag. Do you know what a ball gag is? A ball... this one rubber, with straps placed then fastened into your mouth. It’s a BDSM kink intended to dominate the submissive, to stir sexual arousal and take complete control. It keeps your mouth open, making it receptive, making it a receptacle for whatever the Dominant wants to insert.

So, when I say I am strapping My ball gag on, you naturally, physically, open your mouth. However, this is not a physical restraint, but a mind gag that suppresses not the physical voice, but the inner-voice. So open wide. Just think of your Domina installing a new piece of My sensual hypnotic bondage into your mind. you trust Me enough to voluntarily give up all control knowing that I will keep you safe in My hands.

you hunger for My every word, programming your mind into complete submission. My words, My voice inside your head commands an irresistible compulsion. you have fallen past the point of no return with the overwhelming bliss of submission to My will. There's no way out. The pleasure of obedience to your Domina is too irresistible.

you’ll beg for My conditioning triggers to always obey My commands. But I want more than that. I want a completely obedient mind, a mind guided to serve and please Me, to take care of your be My more perfect slave. Is that too much to expect? ~giggles~


I want to thank those that contributed to CHALLENGE this past week. I am sending what you sent as a contribution to CARE for Ukraine emergency relief through PP.
Let’s hope this ends soon.

In a few weeks I have to do tax returns for 2021. In the past you have helped Me with the lump sum payment for My retirement fund. So for the next couple of weeks any contributions to Challenge to Please will go to fund O/our future together.

your sympathetic support for the loss of our close friend, Mr K, is greatly appreciated.

Findom slave you will be hearing from Me, soon. I have big plans for you!

I am 100% today. I woke up NO FEVER and starving, so that is a good thing. I'll have a HUGE lunch and get refocused...what a week. Glad this one is GONE!


Next week I am going to take you away from the troubles of this world. you are going to Cum to sleep with Me.

My special deals have changed:

Triggered HARD --
Domina loves you hard and HORNY all the time...

Punishment - At My Mercy --
Punishment or Pleasure...

Shelle's School For men--Classes 1-8 --
Shelle's School For men Series - All 8 classes (9 sessions)

Mental Lobotomy 2

Do you ever stop and ask yourself, how much deeper can I go? Do you ever think about O/our REALITY? I mean isn’t it great to be so close...Just knowing that we are living O/our lives and being TRUE to ourselves. It feels good knowing that W/w have a safe place. A place where there is no judgment, only ACCEPTANCE. This means so much to Me.

I want to share a moment of My private life with you before I go any further. Tonight I am reflecting. I lost someone so dear to Me today. The Nurse in Me knows that it was the best thing for Mr. K. But, the other part of Me is really going to miss him. I always LOVED talking to Mr. K and he depended on Me a LOT. I took him dinner all the time. Oh, and PIES...he loved My pies, he thought I was the best cook, which I am of course! Ha-ha. I was reflecting on conversations that we had over the past years. He always gave good advice and I respected that so much. I remember one day that he said to Me, Michelle always be TRUE to yourself. Take care of you and don’t waste time, we only get a limited amount. How true that seems tonight...Thank God for memories. May we all cherish our memories and keep them safe. God bless his family and I know that he is now REJOICING! I’ll miss your stories Mr. K.

OK, now let’s do a little of that BEING TRUE TO ONE’S SELF. It’s time for you to submit once again and meet with Me in O/our world. A wonderful place that I have created inside your mind. This place that is built for US, a PRIVATE place where we can be true to each other.

So, welcome back to My office, where you are My patient, and I am in full control. Well, actually where you are, MY LAB RAT! I love it when you allow Me to do anything I want inside your brain. SO SEXY! My patient, as a result of the first psychosurgery I performed, I did observe a positive change in your behavior. But, there are definitely some adjustments that are necessary in order to improve all aspects of your life. So, My helpless guinea pig, come on into My laboratory. This psychosurgery Mental Lobotomy 2 is not going to hurt at all. In fact, you’ll be begging for more.

you belong to Me. My voice controls you and with this procedure I will take more direct and complete control of something very important to you, just like you’ve been wanting Me to do. I won’t spoil it now, but I’ll reveal the goal of the surgery as it’s happening to you. It will be more exciting for you that way. One positive side effect will be to have you more docile and manageable. Yes, a dream cum true.... you know there is no pleasure without My saying so. I will tell you that after this procedure, I will automatically be at the center of and in control of all your sexual activity. Plus, you will immediately notice that this will increase your submissive responsiveness to ALL the changes I will have made.

This is going to be so much fun for Me, using My sexuality to seduce and condition you. And I love the way you want Me to fuck around inside your mind to give Me whatever I want. Isn’t AUTOMATIC OBEDIENCE something that you crave?...yes, a simple little adjustment and...well, you will see. Go NOW and CLICK and DOWNLOAD! Obedience is your PLEASURE!


My sweet baby, I want to thank you, again, for making it such a wonderful Valentine for Me. Thanks to your V-Day gifts I had a very well-deserved pampering this week with a full body massage, a mani/pedi, then a great oyster lunch. I’m all sexed up for today’s procedure. ~giggles~ Keep up the good work of taking care of Me. Soon, I'll schedule My two-day beach trip...I'll update everyone on that.

My beloved contracted slave, I sent you My gift video to say how much you mean to Me. And now you can keep sexy images of Me in your mind every time you listen to My voice. What would you do without Me? Loves and Kisses.

Finally, a week with more relaxation. It is so hard to get away from this terrible tragedy going on in Ukraine…Send your love and thoughts to those suffering and feeling so helpless to stop it. I am making a contribution to the relief effort in Ukraine. Everyone can directly contribute to a legitimate organization helping with the relief effort. Do your research. OR you can contribute through Challenge To PLEASE. I will send everything you contribute this week to the CARE organization for their Ukrainian emergency relief efforts. O/our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Ukraine.

Findom slave it’s been very good to hear from you. I am putting a training session together for you and some future assignments. I know you can’t wait....... I never realized just how much you needed this...giggles


Next week a very deep hypnotic mind control session. More training and conditioning to make you more perfect for Me....

Here are this week’s special deals:

Hacked --
your Mind has been hacked...Now She is trying to hack your conscious mind.

Brainwashed NOW --
Imagine what it feels like to truly be OWNED and CONTROLLED.

The Huntress --
Can you escape Me?

Hot Stuff

Are you ready for Springtime? I’m ready for LONG hot sweaty RUNS. So how about W/we TRY to leave some troubles behind and start O/our Spring rebirth, today? And the best way to do that is to turn your focus and attention to Me, of course, the source of all good things that happen to you. ***Giggles***

From My recent Photoshoot I have a NEW sexy, revealing picture pack with Shelle’s Hot Stuff Photos. Spending some time with Me, naturally, in private ~giggles~, will bring more vivid images to your imagination when you listen again to these recent sessions...and this makes your emotions and sensations even more real. See how your sweet innocent Domme has grown up over the years (funny how W/we have grown together). I have so much POWER over you now.

Now, I know you like the opportunity to be helpful to your Domina with the photoshoot expenses and the new items I bought to model for you. So, if you want to help and Dress Me Up (for future shoots), don’t purchase the Picture Pack because I will send it to you for FREE in appreciation for your wanting to take care of your Princess.

To My contracted, with your support that helps Me make all this possible, I know you will enjoy your new Free GIFT (coming over the next few days, watch your email).

I have decided to do one less general session at the beginning of each month to coincide with My “contracted’s” monthly support and instead I will give you a monthly PROGRAMMING session as My Gift. I know that I have mentioned this in the past, but I am going to see how 3 sessions instead of 4 per month works out for U/us all. This will also allow you more training time with each new session. I want you to have time to be properly TRAINED for your Domina.

Trained and Drained

I do have a NEW session this week, but it is not a general session. It is a specially focused Findom session, Trained and Drained, that a number of devoted followers have been literally begging Me for. So, Wicked Domina is taking over this week. I will be using your addiction and cravings for MY benefit, having you spoil and pamper Me. From the price of the session, you can see I want only those who welcome and embrace the arousal of this unique “fetish” that brings the deepest feelings of complete, helpless enslavement, submission and need to please. Or maybe you want to test your limits?...Maybe just listen for fun?

What greater loss of control is there than to be financially enslaved, satisfying those deep cravings to serve, to please, to beg for My attention and approval. Living your Mantra every day, not just in words, but in deeds...Working for your Domina, taking care of Me, taking care of My needs. Living in the arousal of being used for My whims and desires. Proud to literally be able to say “EVERYTHING i do is for You, Domina”... having supreme trust in the Mistress you serve. And you know for certain that I have My limits not to harm you or keep you from your other responsibilities and commitments. I will always look out for you...SO if you want to listen to the “TRAINED and DRAINED”, do so with caution. This is NOT A REQUIRED SESSION. (If you are thinking of listening and are not certain, you may contact Me for more DETAILS.)

I know how much you enjoy serving your Domina. The session offers you TWO options as a safety net...
in fact, you can just listen to this sexy session and take it no further, then listen to it over and over... It’s very HOT! But, again, may cause an unwanted FETISH in some listeners.


Lady H is working on a new session and her very own picture pack. I think some have had an opportunity to speak with her recently. She is doing well. She does help Me a LOT in the background.

If there is anything you see Me wearing in the photos that you think is a MUST Have for you, contact Me with your offer to purchase it. Or, if you are a li'l sissy, maybe you want to wear it.

What a terrible thing....O/our hearts go out to all those that are suffering in the Ukraine and throughout the world. Send your LOVE and THOUGHTS to all those in need.

NEXT WEEK Yes, I’m taking you back to the laboratory, My guinea pig. Are you ready to sign up?

This week’s special deals:

Tranceformation - Sissy Puppy --
Horny puppies love to hump!

Deja vu--The Indoctrination --
I am going to adjust your thought process, yes totally f*ck it up.

Pandora's Box --
The contents of "Pandora's Box" are so mysterious--you have a burning desire to know what lies within...

your Destiny Awaits

My sweet slave, you know that I love to play with you. I have so many places that I can take you...Places that I have created inside your mind. This week, I have decided to take you home... to a very special place that I created within you so long ago... O/our shared fantasy house, to be exact.

I know that you love it here, and you love to experience the many delights that can be found inside. Have you ever asked yourself though, are the fantasies yours, or are they all Mine? Is there even a difference?

your Destiny Awaits...Just lie back and relax, and allow Me to lead, and do all the thinking, My darling. Let Me cocoon you in My sticky web of words, feel them cling to your skin, and let them sink in, penetrating your open malleable mind. Surrender to the pleasure.

I know that you love it when I bring you to your knees, when you beg and plead, when I make you promise Me anything that I wish. With every word I whisper, with My every little gesture, I completely control you.

This brainwashing is very strong, and it will help to totally enslave you, before you know it!

Prepare to be lost in the BLACKNESS of My hypnotic abyss, and experience a blissful depth of trance you'll enjoy and crave, again and again.

Next week: Pictures, surprises for My contracted, and YES, FINALLY for those who have begged, a FD session.

Take care of your Domina so that She has more time to TRAIN your mind...My future is in your hands.

It’s almost SPRING! I feel alive. Let’s get moving!!!

Send your LOVE to all those that are suffering in the Ukraine and throughout the world.

Take a look at My special deals:

777 --
File with no description--just listen and accept My words.

Obsessed and Addicted --
Everything She does feeds your obsession and every part of Her is addictive...

Enchantress --
Experience an alluring adventure with your Princess...

New Releases

connect with me

Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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