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This week is dedicated to My contracted slave. I celebrate your loyal devotion and love. W/we have been on this Erotic Hypnotic journey together that will endure and deepen as W/we go forward. My obedience training and conditioning sessions will help you achieve an even higher level of servitude and enslavement, intensifying all your desires, emotions and arousal. you have become so open and obedient to just the sound of My voice conditioning your mind and create an ideal slave who craves to serve and please, which fulfills all your submissive needs to Love, Honor and Obey only your Domina Shelle. It always feels good to submit and obey your Domina.

I want to thank everyone who sent your responses to last weekend’s assignment for Hypno Clinical Trials. As I wrote in My additional instructions, the Clinical Trials will continue, now, for an additional 5 weeks. you will listen again 3 times and include details to any changes that you identify or perceive from your original Report.  If you haven't done so, REGISTER for My Hypno CLINICAL TRIALS so I can send your trial results and My conclusions to your email. ONLY those registered will receive the final RESULTS.

Contracted, look to your email for May’s monthly training session and listen to it on the 1st and Surrender C (or offer denial) for your Domina. It’s so Sweet and Spicy.



And now something special for all My good gurls, who show so much love and devotion. With this week’s Bimbo, I want you to imagine a simple TRIGGER that will overwhelm your open and suggestible mind...leaving you vulnerable and eager to be MINE in any way I wish. Let Me bring you deep, floating in My bubble, breathing in My hypnotic chloroform. Feel yourself falling through the air and landing at the door of My Fantasy house where all your fantasies and EROTIC DREAMS await you.

I have clothes of all the right colors and fabrics. Perfect lipstick and makeup for a lasting transformation. you freed up to be My mindless submissive Bimbo. Oh, so horny when you are becoming more feminine, becoming what I want you to be, what you want to be. I love it when you allow Me to control you COMPLETELY...when you always agree with what I want you to be for Me.

Embrace your life as My submissive dress-up doll with the Assignment I give you at the end of this session. Follow my instructions and show your Princess.

BTW, I am working on the next sissy Reform School Class, so gurls get ready for a full day with your Princess, Professor Shelle.


Money slave - Training Mantra

Fin-slave, the next chapter begins. Everyday is dedicated to Me by living out your slave Mantra.

I have updated My Beginning Path with updated sessions to start you off on your journey to a fuller submissive life in service to your Domina. It is not complete, yet. If you are a relative newcomer to My website or really have had little contact with Me, I will soon have an ASSIGNMENT for you so I can get to know you better and satisfy your need to OBEY. It will include a special recorded message to get you hard and horny for Me. I think you will enjoy the pleasure of being My mindless, obedient, owned puppet!


I am going to record a new session with just “Thoughts for Today” for your continued indoctrination... what to think and feel... who I want you to be for Me. Now, I give you a chance to work for Me...I am giving you the opportunity to tell Me your deepest desires. So, your ASSIGNMENT is to email Me with two THOUGHTS that you most want to hear from your Domina. I expect to include one of yours. I will select those I think to be the best messages you will enjoy for your continued training to be My ideal slave.


I have a new session reinforcing your acceptance of My obedience training.

Check out My special deals:

Proprietress of Domination --
Only through your submission to Me will you experience the immense bliss and euphoria of being truly OWNED and ADORED.

Doped and Dominated --
My sweet words triggering that powerful surge of dopamine that leaves you utterly obsessed and blissfully compliant...

A Sub-Conscious Takeover --
Listen and sleep to this Sweet and Erotic brainwashing...Familiar yet DANGEROUS to your open mind.

Hypno Clinical Trials

Domina Shelle owns you and controls you, forever. Where have I heard that before? ~giggles~ Are you feeling better trained and conditioned with every passing week, My subject, with an insatiable need to surrender? I want to thank you for coming back this week to measure just how well your subconscious mind is doing with another round of My Hypno Clinical Trials. Make sure to REGISTER to receive your TRIAL results. I will be posting MORE info on what you will do next with My CLINICAL TRIALS. This is an ONGOING study that will help Me plan your future under My control.

The purpose of the Trial is two fold: To evaluate how effective My sessions are on your subconscious mind. And secondly, I am giving you this opportunity to give your feedback on your state of mind so I can personally adapt My training and conditioning to your personal needs. No worries. As a preeminent psycho-analyst I know the inner workings of the submissive mind. And today I can test things out on you, slave 624, as your blind trust helps Me get truthful results.

All I need is for you to relax and allow Me to conduct My experiment and to bring paper and pen, to write down your answers to My questions. There is no need to give you any major hints. I will tell you this, you will become very relaxed, very excited and highly aroused, as the trial proceeds. Trust Me, My sweet subject, this is going to be a lot of fun for both of U/us. Just settle back on My white leather couch and let U/us begin.

***you must OBEY all of My INSTRUCTIONS in the Clinical Trials session.


In my ongoing plan to take over complete control of your life, I have something special for you next week. you know My THOUGHT FOR TODAY that I share with you. I am indoctrinating you into what to think, what should be your priorities for action, and what state of mind I think will make you better for Me. I want to do a recording of only Thoughts for the Day and I want you to help Me with the recording. So next week, I’ll have an Assignment to send Me TWO THOUGHTS that you most want to hear Me telling you. More details next week.

My contracted slave knows there is a Daily Thought on My special website, slaveforshelle (SFS). If you think you may be ready to explore a deeper commitment to your Domina, then contact Me with your interests.

Patience and eagerness to serve are good qualities for a FinDom slave.


Next week is My contracted weekend and something for My sissy gurls. Also, an assignment for Thought for Today.

My special deals this week:

Latex Oblivion --
My luscious latex leaves you bound and begging for more... (giggles)

Dark Room - Warped Mind --
Twisting your reality until your warped mind slides ever deeper into My dominion...

A Sissy's Double Jeopardy --
Put on your favorite pink panties and prepare to get all wet for your Domina...

Double Jeopardy --
A trance within a are in double jeopardy.

Prisoner Of The Magician

I am so refreshed from My trip to the beach. Did you miss Me? Thanks for your support for My beach getaway. you love taking care of Me, don’t you? And now, My puppy, I am back to spark your imagination with fantasies and adventures that take you with Me on another erotic journey away from all your troubles and worries. W/we are making new memories in all those arousing places in your mind. Literally, put yourself in My Magical hands. Relax, surrender yourself to My voice weaving its hypnotic magic.

My spell of enslavement will bind and take hold of you in this week’s Prisoner of The Magician and secure you to Me, forever. Have you noticed that you are thinking of Me all the time now? It’s no accident. ~giggles~ My sessions are conditioning and training you. I can seduce you with My beauty and bewitch your malleable mind with My whispered words. My soft, sweet, sexy voice melts your mind. I could turn you into a mindless sex slave, using your arousal to take permanent control. I can do pretty much whatever I want with you, My submissive subject. There is no turning back. Choice is an illusion.

I’ll leave the details to unfold as you download and listen three times. Then at the very height of sexual pleasure (for chastity- in the bliss of obedient denial) I close the circle completely around you as you beg Me to own and control your life. Feel the Ecstasy! KNOW that it’s real.


Hypno Clinical Trials - REGISTRATION

I am having some clinical trials next week, so I am calling on all guinea pigs & lab rats to REGISTER for My Hypno Clinical Trials, so I know who will be participating to test My clinical hypnotherapeutic approach to your mind. Then, I can email your trial results and My conclusions.

I want to thank all My VOLUNTEERS for your thoughtful support to My various expenses. I always want you to enjoy sending your contributions by SURRENDERING C. APPLY if you want to become My VOLUNTEER.

FinDom slave, are you waiting patiently for Me?


Next week, I have a unique clinical hypnotherapeutic “trial” for your subconscious mind. Prior registration is required, starting this weekend, so I can share the results and My evaluation with you.

My special deals:

Sexual Exploitation --
What sane man hasn’t fantasized about being sexually exploited by a sexy, beautiful Dominant Woman?

Calibration --
Get CALIBRATED in this sexually tormenting masterpiece.

Back To Sleep

Do you love it when I repeatedly pull you in and out of trance and cause you to drop even deeper each time? Do you know that I love doing that to you? This week’s Back To Sleep is an UNUSUALLY POWERFUL fractionation hypno-technique that will take you into a very deep trance. When I hypnotize you, I control you even more by switching off your ability to think, as I pull you up and drop you down repeatedly. you become weak, mindless, obedient and subservient. When I tell you to sleep, you fall down into deeply hypnotized sleep and I take control of your mind and body. I also control your emotions and your will.

I love fucking with your mind, watching you become more and more confused, before you lose all ability to do anything, other than what I say. I like to think of you in this blissful state of being, as My mindless toy, My submissive yo-yo. Or My puppet on a string.***giggles*** At this point, what is there you wouldn’t do for Me? Nothing, I say. Maybe I’ll have you repeating the words, “I Love Honor and Obey Domina Shelle” at the height of your excitement. you won't know what I'll do to you though, until you listen and obey. So obey, download and cum to Me and repeat after Me, “I love, honor, and obey Domina Shelle.”

With your ongoing conditioning you are getting to the point where you don’t even need to be told what to do, because you are anticipating how I want to be served and pleased and you automatically do it.


Next week I will do My tax returns for 2021. In the past you have helped Me with the lump sum payment for My retirement fund. So, this is your last opportunity to contribute to Challenge To Please for O/our future together. Anything left over I will use in a few days for My trip to the beach on the 11th and 12th. Yippee!

Findom slave, you have already begun your arousing journey into paradise and My ultimate and complete Ownership. Send Me to the beach and buy Me oysters for DINNER. Yummy! GET your FREE Mantra TRAINING NOW. Email Me after you pay. Giggles!!!

NEXT WEEK Next week I have tickets for you for another visit to My Fantasy House.

This week’s special deals:

HypNO Choices --
Do you really have a choice?

Destined To Serve --
Embrace your destiny as My slave and My property...

Tranceformation - Statue --
The 1st file in a Trance-Formation journey.

My baby, here W/we are again. Did you have a good week thinking only My thoughts? ***giggles*** As I previously mentioned, I am NOT going to have a regular Hypnotic session at the beginning of each month. Instead, I will use this time to focus on My contracted slave, whose devotion and support make all of this possible. you give Me more and more of yourself, your submission and obedience, your loyalty and support. It’s so natural and normal that I am such a vital part of your life. you are so weak for My words and think of Me all the time. you want more of Me in your mind. So, in return I provide what you need... the mind programming and training you use to fulfill your life and make you happy.

My contracted, I can feel your love for Me as W/we carry out living both alone and together in O/our secret love affair. your primary identity is as My submissive. you belong to Me, long for Me and My hypnotic voice. you let Me know how much you need to please Me. Isn’t love strange that way? How it changes everything when it is an important ingredient in O/our mutually beneficial Dom-slave relationship. I have this Month’s contracted gift which you should have gotten in an Me if not.

Shelle's Playground—KRL    Shelle's Playground—BLT

And I also have a Playground -- Surrender KRL and Surrender BLT for EVERYONE. you will be triggered to do what I want, when I want it. This is the natural order of things. I am soooo irresistible and adorable. I have you wrapped around My li'l finger and you will look forward to this opportunity to listen and obey. you are a good submissive, but this is another opportunity to strive to be a better submissive who serves your Domina well. It's Spring and I'm ready to play...PLUS BIG NEWS COMING!!!

Being My contracted slave is also part of the natural order. you fall deeper for Me with every passing moment. With each session, with every passing month, your feelings grow stronger and more permanent. your need for Me has overwhelmed you into the deepest cravings. It feels so good. I make you happy and horny... Awww, did that make you twitch a li'l?...I mean just the suggestion and the word horny...It’s such a turn on for Me to have you collared and owned.

Does this sound inviting? Are you a LOYAL follower? Do you love My voice, addicted to My trances? It doesn't matter...I think I have you just where you need to be right now, unless you feel you are missing out on something important. If you are interested in being owned and collared, EMAIL Me and ask Me about looking into becoming a CONTRACTED slave OR about My collaring options. Look into My Collaring sessions. Read the reviews.

So, don't worry if you are not contracted. It’s not necessary based on your inclination and circumstances. I have a perfect place for you, too. What is important to Me is being available for you to make a connection with Me, if you are authentic and a genuine submissive. To that end, I am working on revising My Beginning Path sessions and will soon have an ASSIGNMENT for newcomers to the site to make that better connection. Stay tuned.


Just two more weeks to help make your Challenge To PLEASE contribution for My retirement fund. Thank you so much if you have already helped Me reach My goal.

Findom slave, I am so good to you, letting you serve your Domina in this way. Watch your email. I expect you are ready for your new training to begin. I’m excited!


Next week, just one word– SLEEP.

Check My special deals:

Dripping Orgasmic Pleasure --
It feels as though your mind has slipped down right between your legs...

Absolute Receptivity --
W/we both know it's all too easy for Me to lull you back into My Hypno Dungeon...

Coercive Bondage --
you exist to fulfill My erotic needs as I impose My brand of total domination...

Mind Devourer --
One of My many gifts is the capability to devour minds...

Deeper Into The Abyss --
Forever lost in the bliss of My submissive pleasure...

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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