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As I was recording the induction for this week’s session Addiction Therapy, (oh and you will find it somewhat familiar), an incredible tingling sensation came over Me.  Very unusual...yes, like a drug.  I was in this amazing state of self hypnosis.  I couldn’t feel My toes, My feet nor My legs.  I said to Myself, If recording the session takes me so deep...what will happen to My guinea pig, I mean My puppy.  I can ONLY imagine how powerful it will be for you.  As a precaution, put your medical emergency number on speed dial, just in case I can’t bring you all the way back from getting lost in My sexy and intoxicating addiction.

Surrender all hope of recovery when I tease your mind, making it soft, brainwashed and captivated to submit and obey.  Spending all that time around My nyloned legs, aroused, moist and Hard for Me.....Always CUMMING back for more.  There is no sweeter and arousing addiction than feeling weak for your Domina.  When you are worshiping a powerful Goddess, you just crave to serve and obey as She commands you.

MAYBE next week, I'll have some pictures to show you some leg......covered in nylon and let you snap My garter belt.  I am sooooo good to you, My puppy.


This is one Assignment that is great fun for both of U/us.  And now is a good time.  I’m going there to look after some needed renovations for the Farm.  With your daily contributions to The Farm Assignment (Now Available) you can help Me with My expenses flying down to get there.... It saves Me two days driving, and I just hate 12 long hours on the road.  you already know how much I appreciate your support, you are so good to your Domina.  Your Domina works so hard to make sure you are well TRAINED!  I need to feel taken care of, to feel secure...I love it when you make Me feel safe and guarded.

So, now I’ll be on your mind every day as you get nice and sweaty working the Farm for Me.  I’ll be keeping you hard and horny as you go through each day’s assignment.  This time I’ve added an element of TRAINING to reinforce the pleasure of your “enslavement and servitude”.  I will put your listening sessions for the Assignment in My Special deals, in case you don’t already have those files.  So sexy, so many farm assignments.

For My Contracted your SFS Calendar will focus primarily on each day’s Farm Assignment.


I am excited about My re-branded category of Audio Books.  It’s My voice reading you stories that are very edgy and extremely sexy.  There are no limits when it’s storytelling time.  My NEW story is about O/our favorite Therapist and Her compliant client.....Well, you’ll have to hear the story...

Now for the Challenge To PLEASE, thank you for your support.  The First Book has been recorded, so, if you make a contribution of $50 or more, I WILL BE SENDING YOU THIS FIRST AUDIO BOOK...NO NEED TO BUY IT.


What a great time at Hallows Scream with Lady Helena and My sister.  I decided not to go in costume, but next week with My Halloween session, something sexy might be appropriate.

One very important thing…. Lady Helena's BIRTHDAY is coming up on the 25th.... Take this perfect time to send a thoughtful gift. She is a TON of help to Me!!! She does so much for you and you may wish Her a Happy Birthday with a personal call or text, that would put Her in such a good mood to do something special for you. ~giggles~ Let’s show how much W/we appreciate Her.

I know that I mentioned that I'm going to only 2 sessions a month...I am still working out those details.  I want to do what's best for you and U/us.  So, you can look for that SOON.  I can give you more training time per session... So, it allows you to have more time with Me.  Then, I can spend that time with you “experimenting” with new and fresh techniques.  So, this should work well for both of U/us.


I can hear Halloween fright off in the distance.  In the tradition of Halloween and Dracula, I’ll have a story of seduction and enslavement.  Will it be a trick or a treat?

Check these special deals...some 50% off...


My sweet, you always beg to be My “GUINEA PIG”.  Well, your dreams are coming true.  This week I have a surprise just for you.  Indoctrination - I'm not even going to hint as to the contents of this incredible session W/we will have together....Just know that I always know what you need.  I will tell you that while your Domina was recording this session, I had the most incredible sensation.  I had never gone so deep.  Omg it was amazing.. I felt as though someone slipped something in my drink and took advantage of Me.  Is that what I do to you, My puppy?  Now I see just how good it feels. ~giggles~

So, be a good GUINEA PIG and listen for your Domina.  I can't wait to hear about your experiences while listening and after.  Once you have OBEYED and listened at least 3 times, I want your feedback.  I’m expecting it.  So go and listen.  This is what you want.  Because I tell you what you want. Obey!  This is My goodboy's COMPULSION.  If you experience anything similar to what I did, you will be BLOWN away.  I was...I did not want it to end.


My new Challenge to Please is something I really have to start thinking about....The future.  My future and financial security which is something I need and want.... I have to start saving and this year I will be opening a Retirement fund.  I am focusing all your Contributions on reaching My goal of $5500 by March so I can make a contribution to My account.  And then there is a bonus, I can take a reduction on My income taxes for that contribution. Yippeee!  So, I know you’ll want to help Me.

As an additional incentive, as if you needed any to please your Domina, I will send you a very exciting gift, the first of My Audio Books, (see below) to anyone who has made or will make a contribution of $50 or more.  And then something I’ve always wondered about, having a “Sugar Daddy” who more than anything wants to take good care of Me.  I’m taking applications. ~giggles~  So, if you make a $500 contribution, I’ll let you talk Me into doing something special for you.  After contributing, email Me with “sugar” in the subject line, and W/we can talk about what I can do for you.



I had a little setback with My voice this week, so I’ll soon be recording My first story.  I’ll be open for business VERY soon with My new Audio Books category, where I read very racy, edgy stories, written to really turn on your imagination.  I’ll also explain more about Audio Books and reveal the title of My first book.  Think Unethical and pushing limits. ~giggles~  This will be the gift I send for the Challenge contribution.


I’m taking you back to The Farm next week.  This is another way to help your Princess take care of the Farm expenses.  And this is such a fun assignment and perfect way to help.  It really is sweet of you to support Me with your up those pennies ...clip coupons...whatever you can do to make sure that I am taken care of...especially when I'm back on the Farm at the end of this month.  On Saturday I go with Helena and My sister and her family to HallowScream at Bush Gardens.  This should be a lot of fun....still debating whether I may just dress up.


I decided to save this Sheer delight session for when you are working HARD for Me on the Farm.  With your time off, you can just lose yourself in sheer pleasure when I wrap My feet around......

Check My special deals ...

Do you recall a Magical show, maybe you were tricked or misdirected, just for a moment...Or maybe it was just boring (like a boring teacher, back in school---OMG, the best naps ever)….Yes, boring deep into your mind.  Misdirected -- Just listen as My words of CONFUSION, BORE deep within your core.  My words, bore deep into the center of your brain.  you will listen NOW and allow the “Domina of your MIND”, Magician, Master of your will, as I SPELL BOUND you...and you will only feel a deep erotic sensation befall you.  SO SEXY...a TRICK...what just happened.  You will never know, AMNESIA sets in.  GIGGLES! OMG!!!!  No one knows what can happen under HYPNOTIC AMNESIA!


CONFUSED and in a deep HYPNOTIC state, you surrender willingly to be taken into the unknown, because you trust Me to take care of you.   So float and be captured by My soothing MAGICAL voice.   Subjugated, you serve as I desire.


Last week I had you ask:  Am i doing all i can to serve and please My Domina?  When I give you pleasure, you give Me gratitude.  Notice the update to My CHALLENGE TO PLEASE.  I’ll explain more about this next week.

"Lady Helena" brings you, Supreme Mind Control.  Just when you thought She had reached the peak of Her power, Lady H turns you up a notch and takes you to a place you never expected to reach.  Now, close your eyes and just think about where that might be.  Now go listen.

Just to keep you up to date.  Lady Helena and I are still working putting together all the pieces to Her multi-week slave Obedience training BOOT CAMP for slaves.  My contracted slaves will be able to reserve spots for enrollment.

At the end of the month, I’m returning to Tennessee and My family Farm.  I’ll give more details and news of a new Farm Assignment 3.  I want your idle hands being of use to Me working on My farm, if you know what I mean. ~giggles~

In next week’s session, think about a FUC*ING hot, NAUGHTY, fetish of sheer pleasure.  Then, when I put My feet around....... Well, I won’t spoil the surprise.  Why am I so good to you?

CONTRACTED SPECIAL MONTHLY session available SOON.  Password will change.  I am PLEASED with your PROGRESSION to the other side.

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My pet, as O/our relationship strengthens and you are finding yourself more secure and happy with your place in this world I have created for you?  More and more real.  More and more arousing.  That’s what I have been planning for you.  With this week’s brainwashing Power Of Hypnotic Control, I take a firmer GRIP on your mind and c*ck.  I like you so suggestible and eager to please Me.  Don't forget that repetition is the law of hypnosis.  At My feet...Deeper under My Domination and control...More deeply BRAINWASHED.

This is what I do to you.  This is what W/we want together.  This makes U/us closer and closer.  That is why you must listen to this session...It is so hott and I will take you so deep...I can tell that you need it now, don't you.
Of course you do.  It will be only a few minutes before you lay back and listen to My mesmerizing voice hypnotize you.  My words will feel good to you.  My words are irresistible to you.  This is why you will be compelled to listen.  This is your Compulsion.

you just love listening to My voice and powerful words...falling for Me.  Needing to surrender, you obey and submit to your Domina’s control.  I know what you want and need...It’s what I want--- this submission to Me intensifies your arousal.  you know it pleases Me when you c*m only for Me.  I give you the pleasure of obedience and the arousal of servitude.  When you feel the adrenaline rush of your next orgasm, realize how much more explosive it is, under My control when you offer it to your Domina with My name on your lips.

you come to your Mistress to fulfill your needs and desires.  And I do.  I am there for you.  And now you ask:  Am i doing all i can to serve and please My Domina?  Next week, I’ll show you how you can do exactly that for Me. ~giggles.


If you have NOT been personally collared as My slave, listen to My slave’s Life. you have gotten to know who I am.  Is the idea of being collared and owned by a powerful, sexy Domina something that fits your submissive nature?  If you are interested in exploring the possibility of committing yourself to Me, email Me about your interest in serving and being collared and W/we can discuss it.  This personal connection with its intimacy is a strong bonding experience.  At your collaring I want to hear you plead with Me to take you, to offer your submission and obedience to My Domination.  Give Me your love and devotion and I will declare that you belong to Me and I will take you and show you the personal joy of submission and obedience to My control.  Put “joy” in the heading and let Me seduce you.


your Domina and Helena have been busy with some new projects to keep you hard and horny to please Us.  I am going to keep Her very busy keeping you in hand.  Speaking of hard and horny, Her new session will be available next week.

I wanted to say something more about the TOYS store.  I decided to make it available on My website since I will be working more with Lady Helena to open the chamber doors to My Dungeon and invite you in.  So, I want you to think of all your deepest fetishes prepared to submit to the dominatrix of My Dungeon.  There may be times when Lady H. will want a particular sex toy to torture more pleasure out of you.  It may come in handy when I just might want to play with you.  And now so easy for Me to help pick out just the right collar for you. ~giggles~

In NEXT week’s session, I’m going to play with you in a different way.  Toy with your conscious and subconscious mind.....with just the sound of My voice surrounding and smothering you in the softness of a deeply pleasurable hypnotic induction and sleep.

Check out My special deals ...


My love puppy, through my powerful brainwashing you are beginning to comprehend the extent of My influence on you and your everyday life.

Isn’t it stimulating how CLOSE W/we have been lately?  I know you are thinking about Me all the time, aren’t you?  I am always thinking about you, My puppy.  Thinking of how I can play with your mind...And this week with My slave's Life, I am going to focus everything on you.  Just imagine a full day with Me, from the moment you wake up in the morning to the end of day when going to sleep, you are always MY slave....

Have you noticed, you’re fitting Me into more and more of your everyday life.  you have absorbed Me not only into your brain and thoughts, but feel My presence there with you throughout the day.  I am such a pleasant thought to keep in your head all day, you agree, don’t you.  you want Me more and more.  you need your Domina and you have Me any time you need Me.  See how well it works for you, My baby.  you talk to Me when you Mantra.  you fantasize about Me.  you look for My calendar instructions so you can please Me with your devotion to obedience.  It’s true, I am irresistible and adorable ~giggles~ and you are grateful to have Me in your life.  How lucky you are to belong to Me.

Being My slave makes you happy.  Listening to My voice relaxes all tensions.  Being hard and aroused brings you pleasure and gets you through the rough spots of the day...

you want to obey and please your PRINCESS and be your submissive self, serving and taking care of Me.  It lifts your day and brings pleasure and are able to come to Me whenever you need Me.  And O/our devotion to each other gets stronger every day.  It works out so well, My baby.

Crawl up next to Me and listen....Then send Me your thoughts on what a day with your Domina would be like, using your most vivid fantasies and desires.


Lady Helena is feeling better and back to her wicked ways.  She should have a new exciting file session available soon.
My contracted, you may remember this from your slave Handbook.
Support Lady Helena every way you can.  She works for Me and I benefit from your support of My slave Girl.  She acts with My authority.

Next week's file brings you back into a deep brainwashing session...INSANE how perfect this session is going to be...NOT a man alive could resist.  Would you find it arousing if I said you will be begging Me for even more of My control?

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