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Trilogy of Submission - Love

My puppy, these next several weeks are going to be quite an exciting learning experience. I am going to be teaching you why W/we are made for each other. And how lucky you are that I found you and made you MINE. Do you ever think about what makes for a deep and lasting relationship between the Dom and Her slave? What makes U/us work together so well, besides all those sexual submissive desires? ~giggles~ This week W/we start with the Trilogy of Submission - Love.

When you listen to My sessions or just think about Me, all these emotions, needs and desires, fantasies, addictions and pleasures swirl around in your mind and body. you can’t get enough of My voice and conditioning. you love Me so much, you’ll do anything for Me. How is everything so interconnected? This Trilogy Of Submission will be your guide and make it possible for you to Always please Me and make Me happy with your devotion and servitude to keep you close to your Domina. What makes it so natural to Love Me, to surrender not only your mind, but your heart to Me? I make you feel so submissive, powerless, helpless, mindless. you are so weak for Me.

My love slave, I can feel you Truly love ME for everything I mean to you. That’s because there are so many ways to show your Love. No one else can take control of you the way I do. you do love Me. And I love to control you. The less you resist Me, the more you love Me. Then, as your love for Me deepens, you find a greater need to surrender to My control and love Me more. When you love Me you just find so many ways to show it... when you Obey, when you serve, when I am at the center of your orgasms...or offering your denial.... And you Love Me as My undercover lover.


How much do you love Me? How deep is your love for Me? Can you guess what My very favorite way you can show you love Me?...with the BIRTHDAY Gift to send Me to the beach. Yippee! So, why not set some funds aside every week until August 5th and give Me the Birthday getaway present I deserve. Now, never ask a Woman Her age, but I’ll tell you. I’m 29. In fact, I’m going to be 29 for My next five birthdays. ~giggles~


Contracted, you should be listening to that July gift from Me... again and again.

Plus the RESULTS on the Clinical Trials are being delivered. you made Me proud.

Next Week I am taking you to a special place I created just for you, someplace White, BLANK and EMPTY.

Here are this week’s special deals:

Hard To Resist --
you're lost in your erotic desires...lost in NEED and Addiction.

slave Cage --
Imagine yourself WEAK, dazed, and so HORNY. All because I command it!

Sweet Torture --
Wicked and Oh so SEXY...

SUMMER is here and I love kicking it off with the 4th of July. you know what that means, My submissive puppy, It’s time for U/us to celebrate DEPENDENCE DAY. That’s right, with My ongoing programming and training sessions you are now ready for complete Dependence on your Domina, free from independent thought or any decision-making. Whenever you hear My mesmerizing, seductive voice your obsession grows. you need Me to take more control of your life, so you naturally follow all My suggestions. After all when you place yourself in My sensual hands nothing else matters. It makes you weak and horny and that feels soooo good. Happy Dependence Day on the 4th!

For My Contracted, I have a VERY sweet surprise for this month’s gift. This is something that I have never done for you in the will be HAPPY that you belong to Me. Look to your emails. The loyalty you have shown means EVERYTHING to Me. you are so amazing to Me and know that your loving support is never overlooked and always appreciated.

Guess what's just around the corner...YES, MY BIRTHDAY. The most amazing day ever for you, My subjects, the day that your Domina was born. I will be putting up My BIRTHDAY banner for gifts. I am looking forward to your generous help to Me for a trip to the beach for another 2-3 days. That's what I want for My Birthday. I want a quick escape like the one I did a few months ago with My sister. I’ll take you along by sending you pictures on the beach and I’ll allow you to feed Me all that delicious Seafood. Yippee! You know how much I LOVE OYSTERS and LOBSTER. YUM!!!!

FaceTIME with Domina

SPECIAL CLOSE UP OPPORTUNITY for Friday evening. I will be at home all alone with lots of if you would like a Face to Face talk (SKYPE or I-phone) I am available Friday from around 7pm for a couple of hours before I work at 11p. Just go to the TRIBUTE ME page and surprise Me if you would like to take advantage of a special moment with Me.


My Hypno Clinical Trials report is completed and I will be sending it out to all participants over the next several days. Thank you so much for being My lab rat, My guinea pig, whatever I want you to be. Now I know even better what you need and what I will be giving you in the future.

So, starting with the next three weeks, I will have a special series, a Trilogy of SUBMISSION that will intensify and satisfy all your emotions, needs and desires. So prepare yourself...


Continue your journey to a greater dependence and need to submit and obey My mesmerizing Voice and powerful words....

My special deals this week:

Tranquilized --
Doped up on Me, you are high with submission, EXPLOITED and MANIPULATED...

Broken and Branded --
I will dispel your illusion of independence by hypnotically branding you as My property, My forever slave.

Sheer Danger --
your mind PUMPED with My subliminal messages. your body overtaken with SHEER arousal...

Edge Of Control --
Edge of simply will not resist this one.

Stripped and Exposed

Summer has just begun and soon it will be the 4th of July. And for you, My puppy, that means W/we will be celebrating DEPENDENCE DAY. Yes, your complete dependence on your Domina to decide all those important things in your life. And this week’s Stripped and Exposed is a special hypnotic conditioning and training session to make everything you want so much easier for you. The purpose of this session is to help you achieve a deeper level of submission which brings an ever stronger arousal.

I know how much you love being entranced by My words and falling deep for Me.... Dropping into complete helplessness...feeling blank and weak, so open to My neuro Linguistic Programming which will prescribe how to become more pliable and humble whenever you are in My presence.

I will teach you how to drop your ego when you are in My presence and make you more dependent on Me and needier for My attention. A welcomed side effect is that My programming will also make it easier for you to drop into trance. It's so arousing how my words bring you pleasure. Pleasing and obeying Me and living your life as My slave is O/our ultimate goal. So come, My pet, listen to My sweet and sexy voice, as I tell you the truth and program your mind in the way it works best for U/us.


Remember your Swear Jar contributions? Are those Swear Jars filling up or are you cleaning up your language?...I love teaching you to be GOOD.

There will be only one week until you receive the final results of the Hypno Clinical results.


Next week will be My week for contracted.

Check out My special deals:

Mindlessly Mesmerized --
My Crystal Ball steals your mind...ONLY deeper this time.

Phantom Seduction --
Feel real LUST and allow Me to UNVEIL your naughty DESIRES.

Brainwashed-Complete Control --
I am a Dangerous Domina-Mistress...and this is a DANGEROUS file. ***Giggles***

My Captive

Look at you, My baby, right here with Me, where you belong, for another episode of Mesmerized and Conditioned. This week you are My Captive. One of the most exciting things about each new session is that you never really know where I'm taking you next and what I’m going to do to you. It works best when you just relax, put yourself in My EXPERT hands and just let it happen to you. I’ll do all the work. you just bring your submissive, compliant mind.

I don’t want to get you too excited before you listen but I will have you bound and helpless with My sensual hands touching and gripping you all over, getting you so aroused. Maybe they will be slipping into your pants taking whatever I want to take, leaving you bound and helpless with that swelling between your legs. My willing, obedient slave, you’ll be motivated more than ever to serve and please your Mistress with your entire life transformed by your submission to Me. PERFECT!

Now be sure to follow, exactly, My instructions to reach your Perfect ending. See what happens when you do what you are told. Oh yes, you are going to LOVE this session.

My Captive Sissy

And, for My special gurls, I will have so much fun with you as My Captive Sissy.

SWEAR JAR Assignment

I find Myself swearing so much lately that I started putting money into My Swear Jar. And that reminded Me of this Assignment from many years ago that is right for today. So, I want to see you signed up for this Assignment!!

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there. I hope that your DAY is special.


We had a great time in DC seeing the nation’s Capital. I never realized all the wonderful and inspiring monuments, museums, and sights. No wonder so many people from around the world come to visit. I recommend it. And thanks, again, for helping make it possible.

Now, back to work. I am putting together My summary Report for the Hypno Clinical Results and expect to have it sometime soon. Thanks for your participation, My little guinea pig. I should have a banquet for you.~giggles~

Findom slave, I am also working on a new session just for you, cumming soon and reviewing your Assignment.


Next week, W/we will be taking a closer look at what you need or maybe it’s what you don’t need anymore with your Domina.

This week’s special deals:

Neural Reorientation --
A very SEXY 3 day Assignment, picture surprises and a 14 Minute BRAINWASHING LOOP...

Erotic Hibernation --
A sensually intense PROGRAMMED submission...

Lust in the Darkness --
Find yourself lost in My web within a web, HORNY and confused, helpless and controlled...

What Lies Beneath

Come with Me and find out What Lies Beneath. Download NOW and slip those headphones on. Submerge yourself into a secret world that you experience ONLY under My influence.

I want you to want what I want, to trust Me to make all the important decisions for U/us, to just happily, and willingly, surrender to My authority - without thought and without question - knowing that pleasing and obeying Me is your ultimate pleasure. They say "absolute power corrupts absolutely" so be prepared to be teased and corrupted by your naughty, devious Domina (giggles) knowing you are powerless to resist My coercion and subjugation, and it's inevitable that you'll succumb to My wicked charms.

The deeper into sleep you fall the more submissive your conscious mind feels and the more dominated by Me you become.

Feel My AUTHORITY over you...I will teach you to be what I want you to be.
I will transform your thoughts, so that they align with Mine.
I will reveal your true reality to you, and free you from the false reality of your day to day, mundane existence.


Hypno Clinical Trials ... I'm working on documenting My study. I will announce soon that the case study results are complete. This is so much fun! I love My lab rats/Guinea pigs. Still in progress.

Contracted ... I am happy to hear that you LOVED My gifts to you last week. Thank you for your LOVE and SUPPORT...Just wait for July’s special training just for you!

Swear Jar ... How did the week go with the swear jar...I paid a LOT into Mine. Well, I guess yours is also Mine. Haha!!!

Check out My special deals:

Pleasure Trap --
This session is devious, it's pervasive, and designed to elicit a rapturous pleasure...

Mind Spiral --
Swirling fingertips tracing HYPNOTIC spirals into your brain...

Aural Mind Fuck --
good pets deserve to be praised and rewarded.

New Releases

connect with me

Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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