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Thought Puppet

you are not your mind. you are a thought puppet to My voice. This may sound very confusing to you, My puppet, but I will be explaining it to you this week with Thought Puppet. your thoughts are the words I speak. you are nothing but empty and blank for Me to make you who you need to be for your Domina.

Let’s take a very common occurrence. your mind is wandering and all of a sudden you are thinking about Me. Maybe something triggered that thought. Or you just heard My voice in your head and missed Me.... Or something reminded you of My pictures, some obsession you have about Me. My pet, I have conditioned you to need Me and think of Me all the time, to want what I want, to think what My words tell you to think and be.

This session will make clear that you are not your mind. you are a thought controlled by My will. I will make you understand things from My point of view and you will realize that My words are hardening, tightening their grip on you. It’s so sexy just knowing that My words are becoming your only thoughts. As you hear those words, it only tightens My control over your mind and body. It’s Me that controls and gives every deep sensual feeling that comes over you when you think of Me and feel so weak and helpless. Right now your c*ck is starting to throb for Me. But you obey when I say STOP. your ultimate pleasure is only allowed when you ACT and SHOW how devoted you are to Serving Me. Stroke Tribute, anyone?


LOCTOBER is just around the corner. There will be a Sign Up next week with more details if you will be participating. Oh yes, you will, My Chastity slave!

Finslave, I have something very special cumming just for you in your email very soon.

There will be a New sexy Picture Pack at the end of the month to stimulate your....
Visual senses. What did you think I was going to say? ~giggles~


Next week, you learn the many benefits of blind Trust. Plus, the sign up for this year’s LocTober.

This week’s special deals:

The Puppeteer --
your Domina's puppet, helpless, limp and controlled BY MY silky strands of strings...

Misdirected --
Misdirected---EXTREME CONFUSION...PERFECT for you.

slave Puppet --
I will take you to new heights of serving and pleasing your Mistress.

Programmed I - Obedience

This week’s Programmed 1 - Obedience is a very powerful session. My pet, the only thing you want to do is to listen and fall very deep for Me. you need Me and the programming I give you. With this NEW programming series I will bring you firmer under My control. When you need Me and My instructions more, you will be thinking of Me all the time to deepen your obsession and addiction. In that state of mind, know that I am there for you.... in My erotic hypnosis sessions, in live talk, in email and O/our other communications.

This Programming WILL increase your arousal each time you serve Me and it will also deepen your need to please your Domina. Being the best slave you can for Me will bring you satisfaction and pleasure knowing you are fulfilling your role and obligations to your Mistress Owner. Any resistance to My programming will only make you weaker for Me. Missing a day of My programming will cause you to need Me even more because this is the inevitable cycle of a deepening enslavement. Being enslaved to My will is something you will savor taking you deeper into My world of erotic pleasure.

I make you happy and you are now craving My programming and how it brings you closer to Me. Like any other important relationship, you commit yourself to Me. your need to please Me is at an all time high. you are taking all the opportunities I give you to show Me how much you want to serve Me on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, with your lunch money and as My Volunteer. So, My sweet, let Me activate a new trigger so you’ll need to be programmed daily. If there are other instructions, you will be told during the session. Trust Me, your mind will love what I am doing to it. Things will flow much easier and you will be completely controlled without thought or question.

WARNING. This is an advanced session, not recommended for beginners.


CONTRACTED, soon you will find vocabulary that will be a part of O/our exclusive relationship, private, not open to outsiders. Giggles!!! Thank you for the hard work on the assignment.

I need to feel that special connection. And I know that you need that too or you wouldn’t be here. So, if you are NOT contracted, and are interested in My slave Contract, contact Me with any questions and ask for My Questionnaire so that I can get inside your MIND.

I have stopped Face to Face until further notice. However, I will allow you to contact Me DIRECTLY to see what I have available...W/we will work that out together.

END OF SUMMER picture package, COMING SOON.


Take a look at My special deals:

Absolute Receptivity --
W/we both know it's all too easy for Me to lull you back into My Hypno Dungeon...

Reinforced Programming --
The power of your submission only increases the more I reinforce your programming.

State Of Submission --
Be your true submissive self for your Domina...

Bliss - Radically Altered --
Sink into the inky blackness of My blissfull hypnotic abyss...

My DEVOTED servant, I am feeling very good about the progress W/we've made this year. you have responded so well to all My weekly EROTIC mesmerizing sessions to further your training and conditioning as My more perfect slave. With your feedback, I always love hearing your devotion. your place is here at My feet, worshipping, serving and being an obedient slave. My seductive voice is a pleasurable massage to your submissive mind and you have taken all My words to heart and have become completely addicted to Me.

Let’s take a look back at some of the sessions that have brought U/us to this point in the year and in your life. With the Trilogy of Submission you are now committed to Love Honor and Obey your Domina and Princess. When you are desperate to please Me, and you love to please Me, it becomes so natural and easy to serve Me in any way you can. And it pleases Me how you have taken the opportunities I give you to take good care of your Domina, starting with My Birthday. Then, you have become so loyal and devoted as My Domina Volunteer and pleasing your Teacher on Domina Pet Wednesday.

W/we have become more physically connected with sessions like Castle of Control. you accept My Total Domination. your dreams become real when you obey your Domina. W/we are experiencing more physical intimacy ...with new Pictures and sessions like Ass-notized and My Captive.

you fall so deep for My voice as demonstrated in My Hypno Clinical Trials. I know the inner workings of your submissive mind and induce constant cravings to belong to Me with the constant desire to devote yourself unquestioningly to whatever I want. So, you surrender to the Absolute Authority of your Mistress Owner. In Mind Gag you loved My deep inductions that make you so open and mindless for whatever I want you to do.

I have taken you on this journey and the year is closing. There are ONLY 4 months left in 2022. I am thinking about a LOCKdown for OCTOBER. Who wants to commit to 1 month of mostly TEASE and denial sessions for October? Contact Me and let Me know if you want to Sign Up. Then I am planning something special for My sissy followers. I will keep you posted. I am also working on a new Picture Pack for you at the end of summer.

To My loyal and devoted CONTRACTED, I sent you this month’s special gift. Listen to this session as often as you need to, My sweet baby. These are My words to live by to bring you happiness and pleasure in your life close to Me.


Volunteers- If you have not signed up to be a Domina Volunteer do so now. So many ways to PLEASE your Domina.

Fin-slave, watch for a little surprise in your mailbox.

Remember, I am available for Talk LIVE....On My time schedule.


Next week will be fun. Surprise...

Check out this week's special deals ~~~


My puppy, welcome back to another adventure with your Domina Shelle. Even when you don’t know O/our destination, I lead and you just follow. Each week you enjoy having Me play with you in the deepest part of your mind----the center of your very being. I take you on a different adventure but W/we always end up in that very same place. ~giggles~ Now with this week’s Feast I want you to imagine what kind of feast your Domina will create within your hypnotized mind.

Will it be a feast for your eyes? After all, W/we have been very physical lately, body to body. Or will I be the one feasting on your brain...absorbing more of myself into every pore of your mind? Or maybe I will turn you into a beggar who will plead for more of My erotic torment? Are you brave enough to listen blindly...not knowing what My intentions really are?

Yes, you will listen because you trust your Domina, completely, and you love My wicked mind games. Curious? Download now!


With My Talk LIVE, I am making Myself available for more contact with you. So take a look at the link and see if there is something you want to arrange with your Domina. I’ll be available whenever you have that urgent desire to please Me. ~giggles~

NEXT WEEK will be My contracted slave week.

Check out My special deals:

Hot Wax - House of Domination --
Experience true erotic submission, a combination of pleasure & pain to subdue and subjugate your mind.

your Destiny Awaits --
Prepare to be lost in the BLACKNESS, a blissful depth of trance you'll be conditioned to crave.

Hocus Pocus --
I am a POWERFUL dominant woman that uses magical words to seduce vulnerable submissives...

Psychological Entrapment --
She ensnares you in Her Psychological Trap...

Trilogy of Submission - Obey

Obey! Isn’t that the ABSOLUTE MOST BEAUTIFUL word that you beg to hear from your Domina? Obedience is what defines you, My servant. It fulfills a deep seeded need that brings such pleasure whenever you do what I tell you to do. This week’s Trilogy of Submission - Obey will explain one of the most important core truths of your life. I am the only reason for you to do anything. I am the only reason that matters, because only what I want matters. Everything is so much easier when you put yourself in My capable hands and simply obey.

Only I know what's best for you. you love how weak and blissful I make you feel with My alluring, sensual voice. My control seeps in slowly, making surrender so easy to crave all the time, now. I will teach what you need to know about obedience, about following every command I give... Love Me and Honor Me, then when you Obey, you experience such untold pleasure because that’s what I want. All of My suggestions, every instruction, even the subtle hints that I give, all of it should be absorbed and acted upon, immediately. Surrender to My control, then Love, Honor and OBEY Me always. It's the Trilogy of Submission. OBEDIENCE is the final piece that makes O/our relationship complete.


The BEACH was fabulous. Thanks for a great Birthday present. I have new pics too…coming soon!

My new Chastity audio story is available NOW (this is from a slave). Enjoy My li'l gift. Maybe this will motivate you to write a story too. Get CREATIVE...make Me happy.

Fin-slave...Surrender T, now. Something special is still brewing until it gets perfectly Hot and Spicy for you.


Next week, I will be calling you to enjoy a special feast I have prepared just for you....

Take a look at what you don’t have in this week’s special deals:

Chemical Seduction --
Hard and love drunk for My Dominance...

Chains of Steel --
An EROTIC masterpiece that transports you into HYPNOTIC bliss...

A Sub-Conscious Takeover --
Listen and sleep to this Sweet and Erotic brainwashing...Familiar yet DANGEROUS to your open mind.

Hypnotized-SUBLIMINIZED Mind --
Hypnotized Lustful Persuasion---Let's get CONDITIONED.

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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